This is the master list of site articles. It was compiled to illustrate the astronomical amount of effort expended upon this website, make the articles easier for readers to browse, and to highlight how awesome many of the titles are. Warning: These articles contain something to offend and/or alienate everyone, and many of the embedded video links need updating. Some material is repeated and some ideas are contradicted, either unintentionally or for jollies. In fact, it should be generally presumed that all content was created for shits and giggles. Cave Lector.

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Friday the 13th: A New Beginning
Why I’m Not Actually Lazy
After These Messages…
The Folder
Come In, Orson
So Here’s What Happened
U2: F U
Drinking With Hamsters
Generation Swine
Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)
A Cartoonist Goes To Jail
Happy Birthday, Ya Ol’ Crumb
Rejected Pokemon
Kenner’s Action Toy Guide 1988
The Trials of LOL
Comic Relief 1985
Alask, Poor Popeyes
McNugget Anatomy
Four Songs That Fudged Christmas
Joewalshmas (December 26)

Oh, The Guilt
Are You “Asking For It”?
Where We Differ
The Year In M.A.S.K.: 1987-1988
5 Fabulous Fanfares
10 Reasons Why I Love Gummo
Trigger Warning
In Praise Of Screaming Women
The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie
That ’90s Comic Book
Bouillon Cube Theory
Big Ban On Campus
Atlanta Is My Lady
Axl of Nazareth
Ass-tacular Album Art
All Hallows’ Eats
Artifacts of Early Gaming
All Hallows’ Eats II: The Candying
About “Star Wars”
Animation Analysis: Fritz the Cat
Another Podcast!
All Hallows’ Eats III: Candy Of The Corn
Acid Reflux
All Hallows’ Eats IV: Kreme Warriors
Heart of Beef
The Dictates of the Format
Animation Analysis: Watership Down
Bands I Useta Like II: Banned From School
The 10 Funniest Movies Ever (Plus 5)
Punch Drunk
Comedy = Tragedy + Time
Meat Shits
Rock Monglers
How To Die Hard
Animation Analysis: The Iron Giant
Tracey Ullman
God Is Dead: Lemmy Kilmister 1945-2015
They’re All Gonna Laugh At You!

Here’s Your Problem
The Ur-Sample
Michelle Shocked
Aeon Flux: The Herodotus File
Why I Have To Play Video Games
The Gift of Sound and Vision
Social Justice War Soldiers
Hate Proof: Vengaboys’ “We Like To Party”
I Never Liked You: INXS
New Kids On The Block
Hate Proof: George Benson’s “Give Me The Night”
The Song That Can’t Be Named
L’il T-Rex Arms
Pleasant Surprises
Fresh & Fruity
A Can’t-Miss Proposition
Sailing The Seas Of Cheese
Movies You Missed: Dredd
Hate Proof: Tears For Fears’ “Head Over Heels”
Hate Proof: Adam Ant’s “Goody Two Shoes”
Lost Loves: Exit 57
“Tunak Tunak Tun”
The Thankless Life
Hearts Are Trump
Guiltiest Pleasure: Natural Born Killers
What Bay Got Right
Bad News, Worse Timing
Big Time TV
Women Don’t Whistle
My First Necronomicon
Movies You Missed: Entertainment
The Mute Button
Why Black People Are Mad (By A White Person)
Movies You Missed: Apocalypto
I Don’t Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)
Stickers All Over The Door
Chevy Chase
When Mike Replaced Joel
Windows of America
“I Touch Myself”
Lao Che
A Fart In The Face
“Dental Hygiene Dilemma”
Inherent Vice
Bad Cineaste
The 10 Best Kenny vs. Spenny Moments
The Thing With Smails
Kidd Video
Bundy Language
“Last Exit”
8 Shots of Absinthe
Why I Love Jar Jar Binks
Puttin’ On The Hits
The 200th Post
The Glory of GWAR
A Pirate Looks At 44
The Jizz
Pure Evel
After The Beep
Animation Analysis: The Transformers: The Movie
Dig Your Own Hole
Air Raiders
“Rappin’ Rodney”
Helping Millennials Understand The Simpsons
The Extract Experiment
When Broken Broke
The Culture Cudgel
R. Buddy
The Sifl and Olly Show
BIUL III: Turd Time’s The Charm
DEVO: The Good, The Bad, And The Mutated
Tobacky & Me
Rahway The Easy Way
The Final Time-Out
The Fifty-Percent Rule
The Worst Comic Strip Ever
Fear Of Darkness, Boat Of Love
Your Emotions (Make You A Monster)
A Wronging Endorsement
Animation Analysis: Heavy Metal
I Forgot Altergott
The Man Who Cries
Hate Proof: Midi, Maxi & Efti’s “Bad Bad Boys”
Career Immolation: A User’s Guide
I Left Out ‘Kast
My Back Pages
Digital Diaspora
Great Hamsters I Have Known
The Power Of Michelles
Thrills: A Retrospective
The Cola Challenge
Mannish Boy
Brain Froud’s World of the Dark Crystal
Charles Addams
The Nightbreed Chronicles
Obsessions of the Old Gravedigger
Songs To Scare You Stupid
1941: The Illustrated Story
(Every Day Is) Halloween
Freddy vs. Jason
The Hidden
Mad Season
Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 2016
Meet Ben Franklin
Bless This Mess
Oh, Brother
Gridbug Chasers
Shiller Time
“The Logical Song”
The Uncivil War
The Kook Who Sat By The Door
Comic Relief 1985 Part II: Electric Marmaduke
Disappointment: Childhood’s Elegy
No News Is Good News
Shitting Monsters
The Necco Betrayal
Uncle Owen’s Cabin
Invisible Legends
Let’s Play Victim!
Ze Brain On Ze Table
Unfairly Maligned: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Matty’s White-Knuckle, Sober Christmas
Before It Was Choked On
Ah Leia Akbar
A Year In Review

You’re Winner!
“All The Snakes Go Crazy”
The Joke Shop
Experience vs. Evidence
The 300th Post
Tales From Salted Earth
21st Century Hatfields and McCoys
Nothing That Hovers Is Good
The Bumper Sticker
3-D’s Nuts
The Importance Of Being Unhappy
Hate Proof: “You’re The Best (Around)”
The Freeze
They Shoot Presidents, Don’t They?
A Snowball’s Chance In Hell
The Commoditization Of Emotional Discovery
Valentine’s Vern
Regional Ambiguity
Channel FUM
Avuncular Nation
Pet Ophelia
Dear Bubble People
Why We All Love Bill Paxton
Meet The Musical Meddler Squad
A Toast To Absent Friends
The Face Of Kellyanne
PaRappa the Crapper
The End of the Line
The 5 Greatest Television Show Themes
The Shnoz of Charles de Gaulle
Rock & Roll Will Never Die
Just A Pod
The Loudness War
Signature Moves
Hold Me And Cough
Second Site
The Legend of Dickie Goodman
Disco Demolition Night
Insecurities Fraud
The 40-Year-Old Version
Green Cards
I Never Liked You: 2 Live Crew
Forever Insufferable
Not The Nineties!
War Stars
Declaration of Intellectual Immunity
Chortle Combat
Ancient Carvings
What You Need To Hear
Rocketry Club
Forgotten Freedoms
Where Is The Love?
The Pac-simile
Liaison of the Spiders
Willy Murphy
Not For You
The Other No Exit
Phuck Phones
Name Your Rock Band
The Pink Panther Problem
Matty Watches Transformers: The Last Knight
The Gadfly Trap
No Dark Sarcasm In The Classroom
The Day Pekar Died
You Can Pick Your Nose, But You Can’t Pick Your Fans
Mad Doctors of the Late 20th Century
How To Be Garbage
Million Dollar Extreme
The King Of The World (As Far As I Know)
2012: The Sketchbook
On The Turning Away
The Orphanage At Dreary Knolls
Hiatus Hernia
Little Girls, Little Guns
Social Justice Whores
It’s Not Real To Them, Damnit
An Afternoon On The Playground
The Catch-22
Bully For You
A Year In Review

How To Profit From The Coming Nuclear Holocaust
Soft Human Flesh In Front Of You
Generation Killjoy
In The Beginning
The 400th Post
Let’s Play Nice!
Valentine’s Vern II: The Squeakquel
Arm’s Length
Love At First Listen: Art Bears
Bands I Useta Like: The Unofficial Soundtrack, Vol. I & II
Vern’s Vet Adventure
The Itis of March
Head Shots
Five Alive
Hurt Your Feelings
Zuckerberg’s Guinea Pig
Autobiographic Asphyxiation
46th & Vern
The Music of Mad Marbles
Why Literally None Of It Matters
Barf Boat
Terminal and Malignant Fancer
How To Tell Who’s Racist, Guaranteed
Hairway To Steven
The Tragedy of Cy-Kill
Bicycle People
Belabor Day
I Am Better Than Maddox
Hey, Where Can I Go?
The Safe Space Race
Earn This
I Saw Ween
For No Reason, Here’s Apu
Our Man Stan
Check and Climate
Take This Year And Shove It
You Know What’s Funny?

The Gift of the MAGA
Spite Club
Retard Strength
Dear F.A.G.S.
Of Arms And The Man
Requiem For Bitey
“Doing Without”
In Bad Shape©
F*ck Pride
MAD All The Time
I Don’t Trust You Not To Show Me Something F*cked Up
A Date With El Duce
The Constant Creator
“The Brownstones”
Get Off My Internet
Ooh, That Smell
Getting The Chair
Your Suffering Pleases Me
Snitches Get Stitches
When The Shill Hits The Fan
10 Steps To A Finished Page
October Project
The Bands I Useta Like Halloween Spooktacular
House Lights, Show’s Over
Call of the West
All I Want For Christmas Is The Old You Back
It’s A Shame About Rey
Woke Zero
Whose Year Is It Anyway?

PS I ♥ U
The Individual Must Die
Rap To Which I Do Listen
Better To Burn Out
Gone Viral
The Crisis Fetishist
I Need To F**k
The First 48
Father’s Dead
Don’t F**k With These 5 Movies
The Mask of Virtue
The REGISt Foundation
The Spice Must Go
Meet Boner!
Prince Variant, Seller of Collectibles
When The Turkeys Get You Down
Hindsight 2020
It’s Not A Terrible Life

Boards of Canada
The Thirty-Year Niche
It Was Twenty Years Ago Today
The Many Saints of Newark
I Sees Sus Sauce
The Cautionary Tales
A Discouraging Word
A Card From 2021

Matty Boy Anderson: 5 Fast Facts (Who Wants To Know?)
Ralphie Boy
Count To Fifty
Movies I Hate
The Remora of Tragedy
It’s All So Tiresome
On The Offensive
Carry Stress In The Jaw
The Super Mario Paradox
Straight Talk
Abort Yourself
3-D House of Vax
Too Rare To Die
Year of the Grinch
Of No Consequence

Happy New Year!
Leave Those Kids Alone
And All The Joy Within You Dies
Tell Your Dumb Wife To Shut Up
Serf and Terf
“The Suck-Will”
The Qotile Ultimatum
Time Out
I Feel Stupid And Contagious
The Dirt, Scarcity, and the Emptiness

So What, Big Deal
Death of the Cool
All The World Will Be Your Enemy
Out Of Print
Racists Rock!