Generation Killjoy

We need to talk. Does that phrase make you uncomfortable? Good.

Because yes, we’re breaking up. It’s been a long time in coming.

The problem is, you want to be uncomfortable, and you want everyone else to be even more so. You’re just a malcontent. A killjoy. And despite what you might presume, I am not.

I have written articles and created cartoons for the Internet for the past 19 years. I have seen the decline so clearly I could write a novel on it. I have watched the purity of ideas become forever sullied by the sullen; those whose ability to create is so nonexistent, their every breath is a complaint. They are critical of everything and supportive of nothing, not even themselves. That is how they have utilized the vast wealth of information available to them.

Is that you? Is that why you go on-line, to tear down and destroy whatever’s convenient?

I fucking hope not. If so, we’re done here.

Thousands of artists and writers who should know goddamn better have become anti-Trump robots since 2016. Hey, that’s great- you’re allowed to talk shit about the president in this country, and not be imprisoned or mutilated as a result. Enjoy. Any benefits will be fleeting, like candy floss in rain. Why do I say this?

I dunno; were you a politician before 2016? A senator? A holder of any sort of public office? Because if you weren’t, then the people who have to listen to you are very, very tired right now. They’re starting to tally up how much of their time you’ve wasted.

Because there’s a world of difference between ridiculing something out of a legitimate grievance, and ridiculing something just because it’s there

The first will get your point across; the second will kill you with a backlash and forced obscurity.

I knew kids drawing anarchy symbols in junior high who had more developed political views than half the people I see on Facebook. Maybe it’s just you. Maybe you’re just pissed off about your life, and you can’t stop lashing out about it. That’s not a career, or a “blog”. That’s arrested development. That’s why you’re so clueless, you think every hand signal or scrawled doodle has a deep and nefarious meaning. If you can’t get the answers from the existing data, you invent them. 

And the rest of us, who actually believe in something, get to pay the price.

I have never expected the U.S. government to do anything but govern. If you do, your problems begin right there. Your perceptions of our government begin and end with what you are allowed to see. You’d be allowed to see the whole picture, if you acted for one second like you could handle it. You can’t. 

I’ve lost the ability to care if I repeat myself, so here it is once more; people will not get along if they casually discuss sexuality, religion or politics. But hey, go right ahead and do it on social media anyway. Feign surprise when others call for your head. Act like they’re the problem, even though you casually insulted what they believe in. Share some more “articles” about how dumb and ignorant white/Christian/male people are. Learn to exist without the respect of your peers.

Are you a film critic? I am; Stuff magazine called me one years ago. That’s why you haven’t heard my opinion that Get Out is overrated white-guilt bullshit. I haven’t seen it, so what do I know? I would have to see it and carefully evaluate my opinions, to avoid looking like a knee-jerk amateur. Of course, I won’t see it, because it looks stupid as fuck to me. Plus I’m “white”, so I kind of rankle at the whole “white people are evil” saw. Thus, Mr. Exalted Jordan Peele could call me on my ignorance, and he’d be right. I lose.

So, I kept it to myself, until now. Why now? Because now it makes my point.

Social media dangles an ugly carrot in our faces; the possibility that we might converse with big-time famous persons. What’s an autograph, compared to a screenshot of you talking shit “directly” to your idol’s face? Now you can give ’em all a piece of your mind. You paid cash money to see their movie, alongside literally a million others, but it’s your opinion that matters most.

I say this as a card-carrying solipsist. That’s sick. 

You’re only commenting because you can. You’re throwing out rotten bait, secure in the knowledge that someone will take it. If not your target, then the countless others who are sicker than you. The ones who’ve failed.

If you’ve worked hard for anything in this life, then you will be quick to anger when someone who hasn’t tries to school you. I’ve never been known for political humor, so I do my best to stay off that crutch. You might have read the details of my destitution under Obama here; there are no finger-pointing cartoons available of mine on the subject. It’s not what my readers want. It would drive some off. I have a hard enough time getting you to swallow the bitter pills I do offer. I am a cartoonist, a humorist, and a polemicist. Any political agenda would be an albatross around my throat. A leaden anchor, deep in the silt and mud.

I am committed to making you either laugh or think. If I haven’t accomplished either, then it’s back to the drawing board. Yes, I overindulge in invective and rancor, because that is who I am, and those things are funny to me. But the bottom line is, I am here to entertain people. Most often, for no money or recognition. Those things must be earned. Over and over again. Daily. 

The right person can take the most horrific, revolting concepts and make them funny. It’s a skill. Is something funny because it made you laugh, or because it cottons to your pet hates? I’ll give you a clue; one endures, one doesn’t. Candy floss in rain. Tears.

Every second you spend on-line is an opportunity to think. Make sure you do.

Otherwise, we can’t see each other anymore.

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