Social Justice Whores

A few years back, I was confused as to why so many people on-line were identifying as “Single Jewish Women”. I thought perhaps it was a hacking incident, or a mass gaslighting (masslighting?). The truth was far more banal.

Hey… remember when dudes (you call them Nazis now, due to your low testosterone) would get together after a long week of work and party hard? They were called Weekend Warriors.

Whatever war they fought in, versus weekends, watery beer, or good taste; it was every bit as real a conflict as the one fought by trendy Social Justice Warriors.

As in, not at all.

Fighting “for your right to party” is as valid as the struggle of the SJW. Simply put; you have a teenager who abandoned sense as soon as they hit a college campus, and thrust all their effort into the endless performance of emotional and political hysteria. And rest assured, it will never end; it can’t. The hysteria is the fuel that powers the illusory image of the Social Justice Warrior. The fire spreads. It does not rise. Nothing does, other than contempt.

This single film contains 98% of the average SJW’s reference points. (The other 2% is Star Wars.)

When one proclaims themselves a Social Justice Warrior, no further edification is required. Whatever you imagine an SJW to be is implied by the label. If you believe society is oppressive towards black people, then you’ll assume an SJW is fighting that particular injustice. If you think women are discriminated against in the workplace, you’ll presume that SJWs are on the case.

Ha! No.

“Social Justice Warrior” is not far off from “libertarian” and “Scientologist”; a neologism that benefits from association to a more familiar word. The average American couldn’t tell you what the fuck a “libertarian” stands for, but it’s got “liberty” in there, so it must be good. “Scientology” wouldn’t have gotten nearly as far as it has if it was called “Pay Us Large To Hide Your Dirty Skeletons”; better to imply “scientific” knowledge that can be acquired through careful study.

How about the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”? Why, they’re just like America! It says so in the name!

So, the “Social Justice Warrior” conjures images of a valiant gladiator, blade turned against the forces of evil, righting wrongs like a gleaming white knight of virtue.

Instead of an out-of-shape, spiteful twerp on a laptop. Which SJWs are. All of them.

Is that brush too broad? Have you opened your eyes in the last year? Have you taken in the never-ending LARP that these tools have foisted upon the Earth? Can you imagine if your life was so devoid of real conflict, that you had to invent enemies to wage war upon?

Think about it. Can you honestly imagine your mother or father, at a time when you were a child in pain, telling you that you’re less important than a mob of people playing dress-up, half a world away?

Can you imagine putting your child’s needs second to something you saw on a computer monitor? Can you imagine how that would have made you feel if your parents did it?

The people who change things don’t telegraph in advance; they just change things. The people who go on and on about how they’re going to change things? They’re loaded with shit. They’ve disappointed themselves and others so many times they don’t even believe what they write or say. It’s just to drum up interest in the next let-down.

Whores. Whores who exploit legitimate social causes and issues for their own personal gain. That’s why they have to advertise it, and play “warrior”.

“Social Justice Warriors” are as valid as a toddler in a Superman cape. The kid feels like a superhero, but everyone else sees the falsehood and futility. There is no “Social Justice War”. There are no common standards on what constitutes “social justice”; the uninitiated will simply presume it’s “justified”. After all, one doesn’t apply the word “justice” frivolously in America, right?

Continuing my point about association, the “enemy” of the SJW is the “alt-right”. No one knows what that is. It’s just word salad for witch-hunting autistics. Self-hating, guilt-ridden white people who need a bogeyman to distract from their own abysmal lives. The only thing I know about the “alt-right” is that they’re a billion times funnier than the “alt-left”, which does not exist. Well, it did, and then it became everything on television.

Oh, I get it; the “alt-right” is the current form of “right-wing”? Ah, okay. We’re back to more Saul Alinsky horseshit. You don’t know who that cum-guzzler was, but you feel comfortable flippantly maligning people for being “right-wing”. Cool. Just so we’re clear. That’s who you are.

Saul Alinsky wrote a book called Rules For Radicals. It lays out exactly how to destroy American society, step by step. It’s been followed like a playbook by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros. You have literally seen it in action over the past two years. This isn’t my opinion. It’s fact. Read the news. You are watching the destruction of everything you know and love by greed-obsessed cunts. That is our reality.

So when you start in about how someone is “right-wing”, or “alt-right” (and therefore bad), or how using “SJW” derisively is wrong… here, hold on. I have a book to lend you-

It’s all about people who think saying the wrong thing makes you evil. It depicts social justice… through totalitarianism. Do you like that word? It’s got “total” in it. You’d have to eat several million boxes of oppression to match the oppression in Totalitarianism.

Long way to go for the joke.

I don’t want kids because they’d have to go to school with other people’s kids. Other people, who might be so hysterical about politics that they pollute their children’s minds with censorship and prejudice. And now we have children who get “triggered”, like bombs. We didn’t have that when I was growing up, because kids were actually disciplined, and not raised as a play buddy for a parent. We became self-reliant because our parents kicked us the fuck out of the house on occasion. We had to earn the company of adults, not just exist.

Justice is like anything else in life. It must be earned, or it means nothing. Likewise, a place in society must be earned, not demanded.

Otherwise, all anyone is doing is screaming out demands, and waging war upon society itself.

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