Bad Religion


This is probably one of the “first batch”, and it’s the first that got me hate mail. The Subhumans fan from the opening panel is M.I.A.; last I heard he may no longer be extant. Unfortunately I think Endora’s Emporium of Savannah is long gone. In the early ’90s, that was a place where I pawned CDs. It took me a few years to move up to actual pawn shops. I’ve pretty much never been comfortable dealing with other people. I think that really comes across in the sparse, robotic text I typically used in the captions of early BIULs like this one.

And what can I say, after one album I got extremely bored with Bad Religion. So sue me. I think the fact that one of the band members founded a record label known for bland mall punk speaks for itself.

Here’s some real shit. You’re welcome.

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