I’m in a generous mood, so I’ll save you a search. Here is, in my opinion, the most awesome thing Cobain & Co. ever did. 

I’ve probably listened to that a thousand times. That’s their best album too, easily*. If you’re gonna go out, go out on top.

(*This was originally a hidden song on the European release of In Utero. Annoyingly, it wasn’t on its own track, and you had to fast forward or sit through several minutes of silence following “All Apologies”. It’s worth it, plus it was improvised.)

I was working at the mall music store when the news came in that Cobain was dead. I was checking the shipment in from the truck and the driver said “Hey, you ever heard a’ Kurt Copayne? He done kilt hisself.” I remember thinking, how the fuck could anyone not know who Kurt Cobain is in 1994?

Then Unplugged In New York came out, and I wished I’d never heard of Kurt Cobain. I had to hear that dour shit all day at the record store, then I’d pay a therapist to work out why I wanted to wander in front of a train. Do you have any idea what it’s like to trudge through an eight-hour shift while this asshole wheezes “Something In The Way”? It gives you the zest for living usually found in Sylvia Plath poems. And for crying out loud, it’s an MTV album. The Unplugged era was not a pretty one.

There’s also a Nirvana song on the No Alternative compilation I have, but it’s hidden, so I don’t know what it’s called. I really only care about the Barbara Manning song on that album anyway. It’s sad, but as far as I know no one involved killed themselves. I prefer my music to be only so depressing.

Since I know you care, here’s my favorite Foo Fighters song.

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