Ugly Kid Joe sucked. They sucked. Ass. They fucking sucked ass.

Look at this god-damned travesty! Look at it! It was EVERYWHERE! They were all over MTV in the early ’90s! Why?! Why?? You only moved the headstones! YOU ONLY MOVED THE HEADSTONES!!!

(I’m a big James Karen fan, and I try to work him in wherever possible.)

Scatterbrain was an eclectic thrash metal band formed in 1989 by Tommy Christ and Glen Cummings after their Long Island, New York hardcore (NYHC) group Ludichrist broke up.

The band contributed a cover of LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” to the soundtrack of the 1992 movie Encino Man.

Their most popular single “Don’t Call Me Dude” was a top-twenty pop single in Australia. The video received regular rotation on MTV’s “Headbangers Ball.” The same video is also featured in the episode Blood Drive on MTV’s “Beavis and Butt-head.”

The band featured distinctive live shows incorporating bizarre cover songs such as a medley of Mozart mixed with Motörhead and unusual costumes such as a cross-dressing or giant chickens. [Wikipedia]

The first couple of Scatterbrain albums had excellent Robert Williams covers.

I listened to that CD way too often as a college freshman. I liked their manic interpretations of classical music and classic rock. They were a blast to see live, as I said in the strip. There’s truly no other way to put it.

They even covered “Alice Bowie”, the glam-rock alter ego of Cheech & Chong, proving that “Earache My Eye” had merit as a real tune, and not just a joke. Cheech & Chong knew their shit when it came to music. This was the best thing Dr. Demento ever played:

Let me tell you how cool that guy from my school was.

We were in the same Intro to Graphic Design class. I’d seen him around, and figured him for a goof. He talked in a slow drawl, with a heavy-lidded, bemused expression at all times. I forget his name, if I ever knew it.

The assignment: create a full-page advertisement for the product you are randomly given. Pair up with another student and get to work. I don’t remember which item we received to advertise; however, I do remember that Goof Dude ended up odd man out of the pairing-ups, and which item he got.

Sanitary napkins.

Thinking back, maybe we had baked beans, or something. Our resultant ad was nothing memorable. Critique day was fairly serious, everyone nervous to hear each other’s opinions. Finally, Goof Dude unveils his effort to the professor and class.

He had rendered a large image of a young woman on roller skates, caught in the moment before crashing to the pavement onto her backside. Maxi-pads are secured to her elbows and knees. The tagline, he explained, was “FOR FEMININE PROTECTION”.

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