Concrete Blonde

I don’t really have to link the song, do I? We all know what I’m talking about! It’s not like they had another Top 20 song!

The above comic strip is a reasonably accurate depiction of what it’s like being in my car. Poetic license is taken in that I would literally never turn on a car radio. There hasn’t been a decent station in Georgia for at least a decade. We used to have Grown Folks and Album 88. Now we have autotune, alarm-clock beats and never-ending leftist propaganda.

Joey” is the ninth track from Concrete Blonde’s third and most successful album, Bloodletting. The song was released in 1990 and was written and sung by Johnette Napolitano. Napolitano mentioned in her book Rough Mix that the song was written about her relationship with Marc Moreland of the band Wall of Voodoo, who would eventually die of kidney failure following a liver transplant. The song was written in a cab on the way to a photo studio in Philadelphia; it was the last vocal recorded on the album due to Napolitano’s reluctance to record the lyrics, which were hard for her to deal with.


That’s some raw material, eh? Singers really went for broke in 1990.

Ah crap it’s stuck in my head now. I tried. I seriously tried. Plus on top of it I’m visualizing a favorite musician’s losing battle with alcoholism. I need to go for a walk.

I don’t really have anything else for this round (as evinced by the titular comic strip), so I’ll resort to what everybody else does* to farm content; eat junk food in front of a camera.

*Everybody but glow-in-the-dark simpleton “Baked Alaska”, who calls mace “content spray” even though he himself was hilariously the first to be felled by it at the fabled Charlottesville march. Despite his widely-publicized and pathetic meltdown at that event, he casually skeets pepper spray at random people for “content”, such as a bouncer who would’ve been within his rights to curbstomp this fucking dimwit. You couldn’t ask for a more useful idiot, and if he skates jail time again, it’s proof that “Baked Alaska” is one of those incandescent people that Terry A. Davis warned you about.

Wait- did Baked Alaska get a concrete milkshake thrown at him, or was that just Andy Ngo? Because if so, that would tie this whole mess together nicely; get it? Baked Alaska has bleached-blonde Guy Fieri douche-bag hair, and it had concrete in it? Eh? Is that too much of a reach?

[If nothing in the previous paragraphs made sense to you, congratulations, you are properly limiting your exposure to Internet culture. Well done.]

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