Duran Duran




This strip is from ten years ago, and the last panel takes place twenty years ago. I didn’t get into weed heavily until around 1998, though. Sometime around the creation of the initial run of strips, interestingly enough. I don’t know, it’s hazy. Wonder why.

While an art school sophomore, I got a homework assignment that involved duplicating a known master’s art. I chose Rembrandt. This other kid chose Nagel. While the class spread our hard work out on the hallway floor for critique, an eccentric and stout professor (with a wonderfully incomprehensible name) dropped in from next door to speak with our teacher. As he did, he trod upon the counterfeit Nagel, scuffing and mangling it. He played it off like an accident, albeit halfheartedly, but we all knew it was a deliberate mercy killing.

Duran Duran takes their moniker from the Jane Fonda science-fiction ort Barbarella, a film so godawful, the director wisely stuck all the nudity in the opening credits.

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