The Pretenders

That’s all folks!

From my malnourished Patreon, because I don’t enjoy repeating myself:

You are looking at the 139th and final strip of Bands I Useta Like.

The fine magazine that has published
BIUL since 2002 is folding after next month. In our current climate free expression is a liability, so there is no longer any reason to produce new strips. In the event that I am contracted to draw more, there might be a 140th strip. I would file that under “don’t get your hopes up”.

My strip began printing in
Stomp & Stammer 19 years ago, a month after I’d moved to Atlanta for the express purpose of creating comics and animation full-time. I have had countless great times being a part of the magazine. I knew it wouldn’t last forever, but part of me wanted it to. I don’t even know Atlanta anymore. It’s overrun and controlled by people I don’t like and don’t want to be around. This appears to be the case throughout America, so although I will continue to produce work as before, I will be removing myself from public and social life for my own well-being. I’ve seen more than enough of other people’s true selves at this point. I don’t lie down with dogs.

Eventually, as always, I will discern how to channel these feelings into cartoons. It’s already begun happening, so if you were worried, don’t be.

The show must go on.

The Last Strip“, January 28, 2021 (edited)

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