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The Dickies

Of course I’m gonna provide clips to go with this mediocre comic strip, I mean, what are we doing here?

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Mad Season

Threading the needle. That was Seattle music in 1994. A desperate, futile gambit to save what few musicians remained from Lady Heroin’s clutches. Cobain was dead. A hideous monster was uncovered, in that bands came to realize that their labels would capitalize upon their deaths just as they would their lives. It’s one of the sickest, most repugnant eras in recording history.

Pearl Jam, Seattle, 1991.

Pearl Jam, Seattle, 1991.

Mike McCready, guitarist for none other than Pearl Jam, entered rehab for drugs and alcohol during the production of Vitalogy, in Minneapolis. Just imagine the options for debauchery that McCready was presented with; you can’t. I can’t. Pearl Jam has sold around 60 million albums worldwide. When that happens, secret people offer you more of something you like than you’ve ever seen, or knew existed. Anyone would give anything (or say anything) to be with you. Continue reading

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Marilyn Manson


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Dig Your Own Hole

In 1997, electronica duo The Chemical Brothers released their second album, Dig Your Own Hole. It went on to be an extremely popular example of “big beat” music, and is included in numerous “Best Albums of All-Time” lists. I had a copy of the CD in my old car for so long the case turned into shardy shit.


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I Don’t Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)

"The sedative for coughs", until 1913.

“The sedative for coughs”, until 1913.

Here in Atlanta’s Little Five Points neighborhood, we lost another local musician to heroin. I won’t write his name here, because I don’t want to inextricably link him with the drug that killed him. But there’s an anguished frustration every time this happens, when the needle takes yet one more.

Junk has been a cancer on music since before Charlie Parker played a note. It has taken too many casualties to list here. It seeps into cinema and art like toxic groundwater. No one does better work while on heroin. It improves no experience; it only makes one atrophy. What it does, is put your soul in terrible pain, and then dulls it. Nothing it does helps you or anyone else in any legitimate way. Continue reading

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Acid Reflux

I think enough time has passed for me to admit that in the 1990s, I dropped a lot of acid.

I think I’m comfortable admitting this now for two reasons; one, LSD-25 is about as easy to get as quaaludes (which is to say not very), and two, I might as well have said I did a lot of quaaludes in my opening statement. The average person under 40 has no earthly idea what I’m talking about anyway.

I don’t know if I’m making much sense- I used to do a lot of acid- but my point is this. Acid is not for you. Here’s why. Continue reading

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