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Leave Those Kids Alone

Here at Mike The Pod we have a motto. Mike The Pod is me. Here at me we have a motto.

“Avoid Children At All Costs.” ACAAC for short, which when spoken sounds like “a cock”, two words you should never, ever utter together within earshot of children.

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The 5 Greatest Television Show Themes

Do you know what a “cold open” is? Sure you do. Every current sitcom you watch uses it. It’s when the show just begins, no fanfare, no opening titles. Right into the action, because the producers know you’ll change the channel if you have to sit through 30 seconds of the same music every week.

Congrats! You’ve done exactly what was expected of you, and nothing more.

“Cold opens” are like “cold sores”. They spread easily. Saturday Night Live has done cold opens since before you were born. You’re used to it in sitcoms. Hell, you were getting tired of the “typical sitcom theme”, anyway.

That’s why they suck now.

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