At present there is no Wikipedia page for Orangy, so I will speak only for myself and quote the rest.

Orangy – DIDNT CAR/Breakbit Music BKBT0093/MP3, 320kbps/2010, USA

I first heard Chicago artist Orangy’s music in a Million Dollar Extreme sketch called “Ideas Man”, but I didn’t know who it was until much later. As I said in the Million Dollar Extreme review, their videos often intrigued you with their musical selections. 

What the hey, I’ll link “Ideas Man” for you. Tell ya what, in case you’re reading this at work or around sensitive types, I’ll be so gracious as to link the music only first, and you won’t have to worry about the hilarious sleepy dude claiming “Mick Romney’s head would look good with a bullet in it.” Eh, your loss.

(Uncut version with fake-out ad: )

That’s what started me hunting Orangy’s music, as well as that of several others, one I won’t mention by name. Here’s a copy of the Ideas Man playlist, if you’re intrigued like I was.

Orangy’s stuff is often built out of loops and samples, and it’s pretty much all really good.

Listen to this incredible remix of an Orangy track:

And here’s how spectacular the original is:

Orangy became part of my regular listening diet. It’s excellent to put on while drawing. I love instrumental music with a surplus of tonal depth and consistent momentum, that takes its time and fires the subconscious imagination, without even being asked to do so.

For example, “Acid Exclusive”, from Orangy’s 2013 album Acceed:

It’s like Stewart Copeland’s excellent Rumble Fish score cranked to the heavens on DMT.

It also gets progressively louder, so watch your speaker levels.

Orangy’s 2014 album oran.gy, which turned out to be his last, features the sublime and energetic “s-SSUQI”. You’ll recognize the basic ostinato loop from the “alien world consisting only of pain” segment of Ideas Man. It was apparently an MDE leitmotif.

If you love Aphex Twin, there’s no way you’re not going to love a track like that, too. That’s an exemplary, stellar, crowd-on-their-feet-and-jumping track.  Am I wrong?

How about this one, from Acceed?

Great shit, right? Okay, so as I mentioned, there were people that Orangy worked with, and one of them turned out to be dangerously unstable. This doesn’t change the fact that I enjoyed that person’s music; it doesn’t mean I have to promote that person either. You can figure out who I’m talking about pretty easily, listen to them, and decide for yourself. It’s a risk you take when you enjoy off-label outsider music.

Here’s where I’m going to turn things over to a post Sam Hyde of Million Dollar Extreme made on 8Chan a few years ago, addressing the overall situation regarding Orangy.

Sam here..

This kid’s name is Gammon Favreau. When he was probably 14 or 15 he was an MDE fan and sent us a bunch of music which we used in College Cunts. He was best friends with a mutual friend who I shall call QMan–we’ll get to that in a moment…

A few years ago he went full SJW and decided he hated our videos… he did a bunch of research chemicals and realized he no longer identifies as a male and spent a few nights in a Florida mental hospital. The “weird twitter” anti-gay stand-up act is a major bone of contention and I suspect new shemale Gammon hates who he used to be and therefore also hates who he used to associate with. I believe this is all directly linked to playing WoW.

Now he posts mean things about me online and once every six months or so I’ll get a message from a fake female Facebook account trying to set me up in some sort of sexual shaming sting operation which is just Gammon trying to get me to send pics or say something embarrassing. I can usually tell within the first couple messages that it’s a psychotic gay man on the other end of the line and not a hot QT 🙂

Anyway I try not to let feminists and SJWs invade my personal life and headspace–I wouldn’t have posted anything if it weren’t for QMan so let me tell you a little bit more about that. QMan was a cool kid who was in a similar boat but trying to actively turn things around. Like, a fucked-up modern male type kid who was trying to better himself and learn about the real world instead of whining about shit online and being a freak… we had him lifting weights and were always pushing him to work harder and be more consistent with music output, etc. Not to mention he was way more talented than Gammon musically.

QMan came to my house to stay for a week. He worked on music and did a little bit of editing for Beer School (yet to be released) and we lifted weights like men, not trannies. Then towards the end of his stay, he showed me his Steam chat log with Gammon. What I saw chilled me to the bone. There were three full college-ruled pages with no reply, all shit from Gammon saying that QMan had to ‘spy’ on me and that if he didn’t take part in some twisted espionage game that he would be considered ‘one of the enemy’. “You need to go on his computer… if you don’t do this then we can no longer be called allies.” Bizarre and frightening shit from his supposedly best friend. Really sane and normal stuff, healthy, gave me a feeling of ‘justice’ almost.

QMan is dead now. I’m not going to get into details out of respect and also because my understanding is clouded by soul-consuming rage, but he died of a drug overdose and it’s Gammon’s fault. So no, he’s not ‘an active and supportive participant of the MDE collective’, he’s an actual schizophrenic who should be kept medicated and not anywhere near a computer. I was bent out of shape over this for a while, thought maybe the answer was driving to his house and hitting him in the spine with a pipe, but then I realized he was a bug and not an actual human being. If you decide you want to interact just keep in mind that he has nothing to live for besides internet drama so you’ll probably be helping him PEACE


So, there’s that. “QMan” refers to Orangy; Favreau used his last name backwards with a V for the U, to release music. How you use this information is up to you, but if you enjoyed the music, you would’ve eventually wanted to know what was up with the person who made it.

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