Check and Climate

“Climate change” is real. The idea that you can do anything at all to affect it is not.

I don’t care if that statement makes you mad. I get mad when I see people harping on and on about climate change, formerly known as “global warming”, formerly known as “destruction of the ozone layer”. It’s Don Quixote’s biggest windmill. It’s a fib you’ve been sold your entire life by politicians who want to distract you from matters that you can affect. It’s nonsense for keeping kids busy in kindergarten. You will tap-dance on the surface of Jupiter before you do anything that changes the climate.

Earth, our sacred planet, our home, will exist and rotate along its orbit long after every last one of us is dead. That is the sobering truth. You say the polar ice caps are melting? Well guess what, honey. They’d be melting whether you existed or not. They were melting before you were born. Who told you they were melting? Has their reputation changed in the public eye, much like the climate has changed? Of course it has. It’s politics. If you think any politician gives a shit about the Earth’s climate, you’re dreaming.

It’s not about “climate change”. It’s about people who can’t bear going to their graves without the rest of us believing that they changed the world. 

Look how small our world is, in those big white hands!

Most people can’t accept the fact that we all die. Do you think anyone who pushes the climate change agenda believes in God? Of course they don’t. They think believing in God is for suckers. For sheep. And these same people want you to vote for them, or their favored candidate, on the basis that they will do something that cannot be done. They push a fairy tale of empowerment, the idea that we will “leave a better world for our children, and our children’s children.”

Newsflash: we can’t. Even if we all wished real hard. 

First of all, there’s the canard that Americans are the filthiest polluters. It all started back in 1970, when things truly were filthy here, and we dressed up some Italian jadrool as an honest Injun, dubbed him “Iron Eyes Cody”, and filmed him shedding a glycerin tear as rubbish flew out of the windows of a passing Pinto.

Credit where due, our country cleaned itself up. Americans have a super-sized guilt complex when it comes to Native Americans, real or imaginary. We are reminded daily, by people who are neither related to Native Americans nor who existed 300 years ago, of the genocide “we” committed. Surprise surprise; another political agenda. Another way to motivate voters through emotions and guilt. All because it’s easier to make someone feel bad than get them properly informed on an issue.

How many times have you seen the same woman and two children “running from tear gas at the border”? Always the same woman. Fat, clearly unrelated to the children she might as well be abusing or abducting, running from a single smoking canister while everyone else stands around and snaps pictures. The canister she went back and retrieved, I suppose, so that she could wave it in front of news cameras in later interviews. Don’t dig into her old Instagram account; you’ll find endless photos of her decked out in expensive dresses and jewelry. Endless. What exactly is she fleeing from? Nothing. It’s a fucking lie. She was paid to emotionally manipulate you. If you think you see actual sufferers of oppression on the news, I have a bridge to sell you, moron.

Would you like to alleviate suffering? For real? Then locate it within your community, face-to-face, and start there. Christmas is coming, even though clueless twats are lobbying to ban the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. They think it’s about rape, you see. It’s always about rape. I might be going out on a limb here, but nobody actually wants to be raped. If you’ve never been raped, then the idea occupies the place in your mind reserved for the Worst That Can Happen, and when you witness someone being hysterical and claiming to be a rape victim, you take them at their word instantly. Because you’re a good person. You can’t imagine that someone would lie about being raped. Even though in television and movies, it’s just part of the job. It’s acting. Actors aren’t regular people, right?

There is a climate you can affect. Social climate. You can improve the social climate by thinking critically. By not being an emotional hysteric. By not spreading trends and agendas that are only designed to control and manipulate you. By not falling for identity politics. By simply being a better friend, a better spouse, a better person. That’s literally all it takes. Think for yourself until it becomes normalized for you. Encourage it in others. Change your world that way.

I guarantee you will feel more spiritual satisfaction through that method, than pushing the Sisyphean rock of “climate change” up that hill. I’ve never been to either China or India, but I can tell you this for sure; neither nation gives a flying fuck about the environment. They pollute like it’s a cherished part of their culture. Saudi Arabia fires bullets into the atmosphere like celebratory confetti. Japan poisoned the Pacific Ocean with deadly radiation. There’s so much cocaine in the water in Great Britain you can taste it in your tea.

Americans are fined $1000 for throwing trash on the highway. Shit, you could be screamed at here just for dropping a candy bar wrapper at the bus station, by someone you’ve never seen before. That’s how deep our collective guilt runs. Deeper than magma.

That’s why we’re stupid enough to fall for scumbag politicians who push the climate change agenda. Just like we fell for “death panels”, and “global warming”, and “WMDs”, et cetera, et cetera. We laugh at Christians for believing in God, while we swallow the biggest lies from the lowest slimes on the planet. The ones who destroy our social climate. 

You wanna change something real before you die? Start there, my friend.

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