Another Podcast!

Would you trust these men?

Would you trust these men?

As promised, the AGE OF THE SHRUG podcast has begun! Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if you were stuck in a room with an insufferable cartoonist and his equally grouchy friend? Wonder no longer, person I sure hope exists!

Great care has gone into the creation of this (Mike The Pod)cast. We put the microphone on a thing, and everything. Sometimes feral kittens enter the studio. You never know what’ll happen! (Except there’s a rundown provided, so you have a vague idea at least.)

The hosts are myself and Joey Pikkels, who did the sound recording for my movie John’s Arm:Armageddon, and provided several voices, such as “Defenestrator”. He’s also been a part of Tailothepup, who of course provide the theme music. Future podcasts have other surprises.

Tell your friends, subscribe, and share! We look forward to becoming the favorite podcast of a world that couldn’t care less.

#102: bong intro, MXL-990 mic endorsement, Charles Allan, Bacchus, walking crosstown, roasting bones, gunplay, anger, Law & Order

#101: in medias res, Latin out loud, Cuyahoga, R.E.M. albums, grotesque/gargoyle, kitten appearance, rain, eating thread, wrap-up

#104 (the FOOD episode): ramen, chocolate milk, Autumn Mix, wax lips, Pickle Pops, costumes, kitten appearance

#105: jazz & hip-hop, Mason & Dixon, reading, Thomas Pynchon, closing rant

#106: phones, Facebook, prank calls, cocks, intern search

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