A Discouraging Word

How do you do, fellow humans? Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

I tell you what- let’s pretend that we all did, for a few moments. I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but I have a feeling that the vast majority of you out there have had dental surgery that was more enjoyable than Thanksgiving 2021. The conversation was probably more stimulating, too.

Maybe like me, you awoke this morning with the punishing sensation that good times are gone for good, and never coming back. They have no reason to return. Too many people in our world either don’t know the difference between good and bad, or they’re cowards who have submitted to the Big Lie out of never-ending fear.

Yes, I sat at no one’s table yesterday. How did you know?

How could I possibly break bread with people I might hold in the utmost contempt? How can I even look at their faces? Why would I subject myself to the presence of anyone who has spent the last two years calling people like me a mass murderer, or a racist, or a psychopath? Why would I ever care that they were well-fed? Why would I feed ’em?

Let’s say someone at the table proffers a spurious talking point they gleaned from the Media of Ill Repute, for example MSNBC, CBS News, or CNN. Or perhaps they begin spewing the latest quackery regarding the “global pandemic” from America’s fatally compromised “government”. What I’d like to do is shriek DUMBFUCK into their ear, before crushing their face with my shinbone.

What I have to do is let it go, ignore them, forget about them, don’t even goof on them later. They’re no different than people who insist that the spherical planet upon which we all reside is actually flat. Beyond help. Not worth the energy or breath.

You know. Morons.

Just because I don’t find people like that to be useful in any regard, doesn’t mean they’re useless. The more folks we have like that in the world, the easier it is for The Powers That Be to bury us once and for all. With enough morons around running things, it’ll be a cinch for China to wipe us out and hand the elites the New World Order they so desperately desire.

Those (invariably white) morons with the nice comfy house and the yard cluttered with “Love Is Love” and “Black Lives Matter” placards? They want us to disappear; we embarrass them. You’ll never manage to interest them in anything outside their eye-of-the-needle ideologies and worldview. Despite this, if ever a news camera lays its holy lens upon them, they’ll talk themselves hoarse about how full of virtue and love for their fellow humans they are. If they think the public is watching, they’ll eagerly and without provocation jabber about the people whom they’ve decided to like and thus “help”, with no thought of anyone in their own community who might be disadvantaged. It’s all about “optics” (fka “appearances”) with morons like this. They don’t honestly want to help anyone; they want to be witnessed helping the “right”people. Which isn’t necessarily wrong, but at least be honest with yourself about it.

I’m thankful that I spent yesterday alone, eating dollar-store chicken tenders, instead of possibly being within “social distance” of anyone who feels compelled to even say the word “vaccine”. Oh- you’re on your nth “Biden Booster”? That’s great. I have some advice for someone of your dizzying intellect. When you put on your pants in the morning, do so one leg at a time for best results. This is assuming you wear pants, and not adult diapers, or a Glad bag.

Yes, I’m alone, so what. We all die alone in the end, anyway. Might as well be honest about it.

I’m thankful that almost without exception, anyone who endorsed Biden in 2020 has been revealed as a sex pest, criminal, or just an obvious imbecile. I’m thankful that I never liked any movies starring “The Rock” or Mark Ruffalo, because clearly they’re two of the dumbest, most obsequious idiots on the face of the earth, and I’d say that to either of their faces, fucking try me. How utterly stupid does one have to be to not realize that these people are contractually bound to some nefarious corporate entity, that tells them what to think?

I’m thankful that I’m far from the only one who understands that almost nobody in the entertainment/media industry is on our side. “Our side”, by the way, is liberty and humanity. Most importantly, laughter. There are people paid to write articles claiming laughter is “racist”, because that’s what you do when you can’t handle being laughed at and you lack an actual spine.

How many people in the news media took time this week to inform us that celebrating Thanksgiving is “racist”? Based upon mendacious opinions they literally developed in the past three years, regarding a time hundreds of years before they were born?

Why would anyone do such a thing? Well, to understand that these loathsome cunts actually intend to break down society, we have to break down what society is.

A society is “people in general thought of as living together in organized communities with shared laws, traditions, and values” (Merriam-Webster). Okay.

What’s a community? “A group of people who live in the same area (such as a city, town, or neighborhood)”. Something is missing there, however. A community is made up of families. A community without strong families has no future.

People who have no stake in a community generally contribute nothing, because why would they? People with families have no choice but to have a stake in their community. Families are community.

Those who seek to destroy our communities and society have done a stellar job weakening the definition of “family” over the years. It’s just a cluster of indiscriminately-gendered, unrelated humans who occupy a residence for mutual advantage. Maybe they fuck each other, who knows, we’re not allowed to ask questions. This is the by-product of over a decade of barraged media propaganda, courtesy of the Mulatto Messiah we stupidly elected to high office in 2008.

So now, when I tell you the truth, which is that the basic family is a mother, a father, and one or more children, you look askance at me and start citing examples to the contrary, so that you can smugly label me “homophobic” or whatever.

That’s fine, I’ll allow you your phony opinions. It’s a “free country”, isn’t it? Do me a favor though- check back with me next generation. Take a look not just at North America, but at China, and Europe. Notice something?

The people whose families sired children have a say in the next generation. The people without children do not.

Without that crucial familial bond, there is no society. No reason to work, no reason to make the world any better in any way. Society punishes, imprisons or casts out fathers and mothers who neglect or harm their children. Family is knitted into the very fabric of society. We’re supposed to create a safe place for our children to become adults, and start their own families. That is the true meaning of life. Even those of us like myself, who retch at the idea of pregnancy and despise children with an indescribable white-hot passion, understand that.

Without healthy families and healthy children, the whole floating crap game falls apart.

And here we are in 2021, where not only the mass media but your fucking friends and family are teary-eyed over the killing of a serial child rapist. They’ll even bend over backwards to spit on his killer, literally a teenage child about to be violently murdered by three attackers, including said serial child rapist. Oh- and since this (freshly released) serial rapist of children has a last name ending in “baum”, the brainwashed among us happily toss out the magic accusation of “anti-Semitism”. Hey, everyone involved in the incident was white, so they have to imply racial hate somewhere. Remember folks; we’re all the same, until we aren’t.

These are the same people who spit on you four years ago because you didn’t tow their line about “kids in cages”. The same people with #resist bumper stickers, who now unironically swallow every government load about vaccines and booster shots. The same people who screamed and cried about tax returns and election integrity, who now sit before the lying news media as calm as Hindu cows, not a thought about the country disintegrating around their ears, or their role in its destruction.

Fun fact: Pretty much none of those people have children of their own, often because they were abused by their parent, parents, or guardian. These are people who don’t really care about families because their own was fucked up, and it fucked them up. Again; how many non-white, non-liberal people do you see attacking the nuclear family unit with every breath in their lungs? Seriously, look around. Use the internet if necessary. For the purposes of this argument, it would be cool if you could scare up at least one or two examples. I dunno, are the Black Hebrew Israelites still bellowing epithets from NYC street corners? Is New York City still a city? You could start there, I suppose, if it is.

If my opinions disturb or rankle you, try not to think of how many heterosexual couples around the world are birthing children right now, in the time it took you to read this sentence. Children who will be alive after you are dead. Everything you failed at in life, they’ll accomplish with ease, because they came after, and you’re gone. They inherit the future, regardless of who they are or where they came from, because they’ll be living in it. You’ll be food for worms. Forgotten after a single generation.

Even if you decided to be childless like myself, you must understand that unless you breed, there will be no one to carry your memory into futurity. Who’s gonna do it, your buddies? Sure, you can live on as a blurry photo on a barroom wall, until they die, or the bar is razed to make room for immigrant housing complexes. How about your spouse? What generally happens when a beloved spouse dies in America? Oh yeah, the significant other finds someone else and moves on. While their best buddies cheer. Hey, that’s life!

So why didn’t I breed, when I clearly am so opinionated on the matter? Well, the obvious answer is that I’ve done everything possible over my adult life to get as far away from children as possible. I fucking hate kids. It’s in no way their fault; it’s simply that I was admonished by my parents if I acted badly in public, and since I haven’t seen a well-behaved child since roughly 1987, I get pretty resentful. It’s completely normal for some stupid kid to burst your eardrums while you’re grocery shopping nowadays, and we’re all supposed to pretend it’s cute and not stove their parent’s skull in with a toaster oven. I don’t want kids because I want all the attention, not to put too fine a point on it. I’m completely uninterested in devoting all my time and energy to one woman, only to be of negligible importance once a baby enters the picture. What am I, gonna get mad at a baby? For what, being a baby? What, I’m a get mad at a lady who had my baby? What kind of horrible person do you think I am?!?

You see why I personally don’t get down with the family thing? Look at the neuroses I just barfed up there, and imagine what fruit loops I could warp offspring into being. I’m almost fifty; I’m not suddenly gonna go Super-Dad. I’m a fucking Internet weirdo who makes cartoons about farting old men and uses words like “vitriolic” and “bilious”, because I’ve been called both more than once. I accept myself as I am. I’m not a false advertisement. You know what you’re getting.

People whose parents yelled at them for watching too much TV are now parents who stick a smartphone in their toddler’s sticky hands just to shut them up. Think about that. Think about what kind of adults those kids are going to become.

And these same people- these morons- are the ones who get the most hysterical when their kids are exposed to things they don’t like. And it’s everyone else’s fault that they can’t connect with their kids on any meaningful level, when in reality, they never could or did.

I never became a father because I’ve never had so much as a fatherly instinct. I expect other people to care about me when in reality I don’t seem to care about anything but myself. I can’t even clean up cat vomit or dog shit without becoming violently ill; you can forget about changing diapers. My childhood memories of being around other kids are uniformly negative and abusive, loaded with heartbreak and public humiliation. Remember how funny it was in movies and TV, to see the “nerd” with taped-up eyeglasses? PROTIP: That’s what happens when the other kids at school break your glasses so many times, your folks either give up replacing them, or can’t afford to. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Pictured: Why I couldn’t care less when anyone complains about being stereotyped. Cry me a river.

My happy childhood memories, particularly those of family, could fill a pamphlet. (This isn’t as bad as you think; you can fit a lot of info on a pamphlet.) Do you see me tearing down happy families, or attacking the family unit? Why wouldn’t I just take out my own hurt on the world and its people, despite their arguable innocence in the matter? Why not simply curse the darkness?

I don’t know, dude. Like, I really don’t know. I have to figure it out every time I wake up in the morning. I have to take pills to keep from lying awake at night thinking about it.

I used to feel discouraged when comparing my paltry YouTube views to those of any channel I felt was less worthy of attention than mine. Just today, I saw a live-stream of one of my very favorite musicians, whom I know to be hardly obscure, and who I know has been making great music for at least the past ten years.

I was one of 3 people watching. 3.

That’s how I know it’s not me. It’s them. Not even the nebulous schizophrenic “them”, like from John Carpenter’s In The Mouth Of Madness, which I saw for the first time last night and which scared the ever-loving shit out of me.

We know who “they” are. We know their agenda. We know their faces. The only question now is whether you let them divide us once and for all, or if you defend the family and society that made you. They already got to our women and children, while we were weak, and filled their heads with the ludicrous idea that we were born their enemy. There exists the very real possibility that this generation is lost to us.

Unless we fill the void left by the absent father, and ourselves be the better father, the future is lost to us as well. You know it as well as I do. This is the end. We’re done. Never in my life did I imagine there would be people cheering on our demise. Thanks again, feminism. Thanks a million, socialism and Marxism. Thanks sincerely to those gay dudes who’ll let nothing stand in the way of their dream of openly fucking little boys. I’m certain that all the dead gay guys who only craved love and acceptance in the past are spinning in their graves with delight right now, at the thought of your perverse compulsions annihilating every bridge they wasted their lives building. Over half a century of convincing the public that gay men aren’t simply pedophiles, dust in the wind. Wow. Congratulations on spooking the horses clear out of the stables.

It’s a good thing that gay men have a variety of political lobbies and exclusive, legally-safe places to gather, while heterosexual men have “everything else”, so long as we don’t talk about being heterosexual, act too heterosexual, do heterosexual things, or look too happy being heterosexual. Oh; and we have to allow gay dudes in. Who are 100% permitted (even encouraged) to hate our guts publicly, but who we are not even permitted to think of negatively.

Historically, that is how a society ends, forever. You’d know this if our schools taught actual history, and not that white people are born evil and the cause of all bad things.

That’s how stupid we’ve become as a society. This is the society that results when everyone only looks out for their own needs and interests. When “optics” take precedent over actual deeds. When the loudest, dumbest and most violent among us take the prize, or destroy it if they can’t. When people don’t even conceal their rush to judge a situation based upon the skin color of the persons involved. When people force those who disagree with them to hide their opinions under threat of bloodshed, or loss of property and livelihood.

This is “equality”.

I’m thankful that I’m not the only one who sees the problem, and holds out a faint hope that it’ll one day be fixed, and get better. I’m thankful that there still exist people who can think critically, for themselves, and about the future.

I’m thankful that I can see, hear, speak, breathe, walk, draw, touch, feel, think, and so on, even as I close in on my fiftieth year. I’m thankful for what I have. I’m thankful that there exist people who care about me, however few their number may be.

I’m thankful you’re here.

You’re probably unknowingly thankful that I haven’t posted the following image on social media, or had it silk-screened onto shirts for sale.


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