Serf and Terf

I like to think I handle disrespect pretty well. I’ve been told I’m not funny before, I’ve been told that my cartoons are badly drawn, and it doesn’t bother me. I’m not in high school; I’ve been published and working for over thirty years, and I know full well what I’m capable of and what I’ve accomplished thus far.

If I’m disrespected as a man by another man, the solution is very simple.

Before we get into that, however, let me state with unassailable authority what a man is.

A man is an adult human male. A man cannot, under any circumstances, become pregnant, nor gestate a fetus inside his body. A man cannot menstruate or have periods. It is physically impossible. Anyone who tells you differently is lying, stupid, or both.

So when television personalities like Adam Savage and Bill Nye insist that “gender is a spectrum” (it isn’t), thus disrespecting my intelligence as a grown man, I simply cut them out of my life and forget about them. It’s a free country, they’re permitted to believe whatever commie gobbledygook they’re ordered to so they can keep their cushy media gigs. I don’t have to acknowledge their existence any more than I do the insane meth-head spraying diarrhea in the parking lot of the gas station up the street.

I don’t have to challenge anyone to a duel at twenty paces, or commit grievous bodily harm, even though I am an Italian-descended American living in The South and those acts are natural impulses for me. I have no need to show a mendacious imbecile even the most basic respect. I silently make eye contact with a blank expression, then move on with my life. If they learn nothing from that, it’s their problem.

Growing up, I was taught to respect women. My mother, who gave birth to me, was a woman. Women are the ones who get pregnant, after their eggs are fertilized with sperm, which come from the functioning gonadicles of a male human being, through sexual intercourse. That is how I was conceived by my mother and father. If necessary, women can become pregnant through artificial insemination. Outside of these methods, creating a new human life is generally considered “playing God”, and is typically frowned upon by ensouled non-reptoids.

I was taught early in life that it was absolutely undesirable to mock, belittle, insult or abuse women in any way, shape, or form. When the complex workings of a woman’s body preclude her from working like a man, or being around you at all without literal bloodshed, you do not complain. You treat any woman as you would your own mother or grandmother. You don’t shake her hand as firmly as you would a man’s, like you’re team-cracking walnuts. You hold doors open for her because you want her to feel respected. Welcomed. Appreciated.

Although I am a man, the opposite gender of a woman, I can state the following with (again) absolute and unassailable authority:

A woman is an adult human female. Period. (Pun intended.)

If you ask any person what the definition of a woman is, and they reply with anything that differs from my above description, you should regard them as you would Jame Gumb from the 1991 horror film Silence of the Lambs, if he were to leap into reality. They have chosen to dehumanize women, possibly because they want to mutilate them, and/or wear their skins and body parts. They believe womanhood is disgusting and repulsive, and that girls and women are but interchangeable, soulless “things”.

A woman is an adult human female. A girl is a juvenile human female.

Without exception, anyone who tells you otherwise has a diseased mind. They deserve nothing from you but scorn. If they work with you, quit. Don’t ever give them the satisfaction of acknowledgement. Or learn the hard way, and keep them in your life until they invariably abuse you or someone else.

“When you’re born a dog, you can’t die a cat.”

Pat Cooper, comedian

If you want to believe that a man can become a woman, or vice versa, you have every right to do so. You can believe the earth is flat, or that children are born knowing everything but dumben with age, and you can even gather with other folks who think the same way.

It does nothing to change the cold hard fact that you’re wrong, and that everyone else thinks you’re dangerously stupid, but we’re too nice to say anything about it, out of respect. Well, we were too nice, but now we’re censored, which is diamond-hard proof that you’re wrong.

Censored. Just like every transgendered person who went on to regret their decision. You’ll never see them on a magazine cover, a daytime talk show, or the label of a fucking beer can. Because of the astronomical income the pharmaceutical industry sees thanks to the inevitable requirements of “trans people”, anyone who calls backsies is voided and nullified. It’s best to put a big autogynephile Joker-grin on the whole issue, and if any of those “racist” “bigot” “normies” in the flyover states get spooked as a result, well, their farms are being mysteriously “exploded” anyway, so why care?

No transgendered man respects women; the surgery required is abominably disrespectful to them, implying that their bodies can be easily substituted. Implying envy of what women are, and a desire to replace them entirely. I don’t care if that offends anyone. It’s the truth. I’ve been forced to draw a line in the sand, between natural-born females and the mentally ill men who impersonate them, so guess what folks. I’m siding with the adult human females. The women.

I’m siding with the ones who number over half the population of our (spherical) planet. The ones who birthed me, nursed me, loved me, and who make this world a better place just by being women. Women love harder, grieve harder, and live longer than men. Men strive to impress women, and society grows and flourishes. Life doesn’t fucking work any other way. If you believe otherwise, then expect disrespect and scorn, from, like, a shitload of people. Like most of them.

I think we as a species have done ourselves a great disservice by coddling mentally ill, self-hating people. If you think that human life can perpetuate without men and women working together respectfully and with love, then I invite you to describe the exception which you have witnessed with your own eyes. Not something you read about on some dumb fucking website like this one. A real place you’ve visited yourself, that’s thrived for generations and will do so into futurity, while excluding all heterosexual norms. Send me a postcard from there. Sign it “delusional psychopath”, because that’s what you are.

Go ahead. “Cancel” me. Get my website taken down. Destroy my livelihood. Assault me in public, or “swat” my home. That’s what sick, perverted, maladjusted monsters do. They don’t respectfully debate, or calmly and reasonably make their points. They just harm, maim, and/or kill you, or people like you. They know they can’t win. They know they won’t. So they pull the ripcord and become a statistic, because simply being themselves is a fate worse than death.

That’s the proof that they’re the ones who truly hate women. Because a woman brought them into this world. A woman gave them the life that they believe is such punishing misery. They want to be women because in their diseased minds, that’s how they can set the record straight, pardon the expression. They think they know better than their mothers. Better than any woman. Better than God.

I’ll close this matter by returning to the subject of respect. It’s impossible to respect someone who doesn’t even respect themselves. When a normal person sees somebody dressed up as something they aren’t, and it’s not Halloween, the natural impulse is to see that somebody as deranged. All the crying, screaming, and murdering in the world will never change that. Normal, well-adjusted people don’t seek to enable behaviors that are clearly threatening to the safety of the community. It’s not prejudice, or “transphobia”; it’s wisdom. That’s why almost everybody is against teaching children about “trans issues”. Every child taught that men and women are interchangeable will go on to lead a miserable, fucked-up adult life, devoid of the safety and comfort of basic human biology and family. And guess who scores big money once again for the next half-century or more; the pharmaceutical industry.

I didn’t want to take a hard-line stance on this. I still feel protective of people’s feelings, and if I have any “trans” fans, I wouldn’t want to make them feel alienated, or as though I consider them less than human. But the fact of the matter is, I refuse to tolerate disrespect. Not for myself, my gender, my race, my heterosexuality, and for goddamn certain not for women. Even though women are the ones who enable deviant behaviors the most. Women are the ones pushing men the hardest to accept perverts and child molesters into society, even to their own detriment. Women are the ones ostracizing men for negative opinions about homosexuality and pederasty, and who advocate for the rights of “trans kids”. Fathers, by and large, do not.

Out of respect for women, we tolerate this. Because we understand that women are wired for acceptance. Because we were born of women.

If a man loves his mother, respect for women is a natural default. We all know what happens when a girl hates her father; if not, there wouldn’t be neologisms like “e-thot”, and “titty streamers” wouldn’t be currently numbering in the thousands and grossing more than hedge fund managers.

Historically, what is the result when a man truly hates his mother?

Historically, what happens when negative data on a social topic is censored, and legal punishments are enforced for opposing points of view?

Serfdom. Otherwise known as exactly what our enemies want.

If you think blind obeisance to any “social cause” forced upon you by corporate entities leads anywhere else, you are tragically mistaken. Every flag you fly that isn’t the flag of your land of origin, every avatar you use on social media that celebrates some manufactured artifice of “activism”, every word from your mouth defending people who hate their very bodies is another link in the chains that shackle you.

Even now, the weight of those chains is crushing your spirit into dust.

You can’t respect anyone if you don’t respect yourself first. And respecting yourself requires accepting what life has given you. When do you this, good people and good things will come naturally to you. When you cheat, lie, or distort what you are, life will reciprocate that disrespect upon you. Not when you’re prepared for it, either. It’ll come when you’re at your lowest point, when you’re needy and weak, so that you really understand that you had it coming. So that you learn. You gain wisdom.

You grow.

If you truly believe in letting people live their lives, then that means not focusing your own upon sabotaging theirs. If the vast majority of humankind exists through and engages in “heteronormative” relationships, which it conclusively does, then any person who swims against that current will face a very difficult existence. They will endure disrespect, scorn, derision, ridicule, ostracism, and pain. This is the law of nature. They have made the decision to go against the natural order of life.

If you wish that existence upon anyone’s children, your own suffering is a foregone conclusion, and life will seldom reward you with children of your own. People who truly prize acceptance do not force it upon others. At the risk of sounding more banal than usual, they accept that they may not be accepted. They don’t go to an extreme and then demand that extreme not only be accepted, but lauded and publicly glamorized. They don’t try to destroy businesses and people who don’t align with their personal extremism.

They do what good people do. Abide.

So now that good people have been unfairly abused and murdered by agenda-driven puppets of demonic depopulationist entities, the time to abide is long since over. The facade has fallen. We know that it’s not about “acceptance”, or “diversity”, or “tolerance”. It was never about anything but Us vs. They/Them. We can’t live alongside each other. One of us has to go, and I hate to break it to you, but it won’t be the ones who respect the natural order of life.

For those who actively threaten that order, and the basic sanctity of the family which has brought us this far, life will counter their threats with startling force and finality, at a time when they are at their weakest. Whatever they identified as will be ignored as their mortal remains rest in a grave marked by their given name and gender. Their deeds will only live on in the minds of the people they hurt, or those of their families, and will only be spoken of with rancor and hatred, when they are mentioned at all. In less than a generation, there will be nothing. Not even disrespect.


If understanding that only men can be men and only women can be women is too difficult for you, I don’t know what to say. You were done a grave disservice by your parents, if they were present in your life at all. The idea that a man can get pregnant, or transform into a real woman, is the product of a sick and diseased mind. It is impossible to change your chromosomes. It cannot happen. Enabling this school of thought is abhorrent and akin to telling a child they can fly if they jump off a building. It only leads to death, grief, and suffering for everyone involved.

If you choose to intentionally add those things to the life of even just one woman, or label her a “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist” because she doesn’t abide your obscene and openly harmful behaviors, you deserve every hardship life gives you. In fact you deserve worse.

I truly wish I could be nicer about it, but then again, I don’t fucking have to be.

I wasn’t born a woman.

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