Meet The Musical Meddler Squad

Hey everybody! Remember this?

You didn’t think we were fooling around, did you?

How about this- did you see the coloring book that came with the third Bands I Useta Liketitled Bad Shape?

Of course you did! That’s why you need no introduction to the MMS-

-You didn’t see it? Oh. Okay, let’s meet the Squad then! Thanks a heap for sparing my ego!

(l-r) Fat Brucie, Fiona Plum, Narci, Chudwizer.

You know the Squad, right? There’s Brucie, drinking a beer and popping his knuckles; Chud, whom you can barely see through a cloud of pot smoke; then Fiona, who is painting her nails and reading a fashion magazine; and, of course, Narci, who is incessantly consulting PRESTO for analysis of everything. -Can You Buy A Thrill?

PRESTO CHANGE-O is the Squad’s vehicle. Powered by the Time Bong, PRESTO can travel through time and space, and take any form!

In BIUL III, the Musical Meddler Squad tackled the “27 Club”; rock stars who died prematurely at 27. Now, they’re embarking on an even more difficult campaign; the albums of Steely Dan.

And YOU get to help out. 

In the tradition of Choose Your Own Adventure comes Select Your Destinyfrom author J.P. Kittens and artist Matty Boy Anderson. In the first volume, YOU get to witness the creation of Steely Dan’s premiere album in 1972. Your decisions affect their destinies!

The Musical Meddler Squad and The DAN are counting on you and your help in this musical mission! Your decisions will have thrilling and hilarious consequences. Will you encounter Kenny Vance in the Brill Building? Will you abduct Jimi Hendrix from Woodstock? Or will you meet The DAN at Bard College? [back cover]

Each volume will spotlight another Dan album, and come loaded with extensive knowledge and trivia of the band. You’ll feel like you’re there in 1973, when a blob of mustard threatened the very fabric of the universe. It won’t begin without YOU!

Join the Musical Meddler Squad and The DAN once again on an all-new mission full of musical mirth and myth. Their hilarious hijinks could have profound and profane consequences on Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, Denny Dias, Roger Nichols, and DAN only knows who else! Will you be able to restore the perfect mix of “King of the World”? Or will you have to defeat The Blob? [back cover]

Coming up next: What is THE PRETZEL OF LOGIC? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

Until then, the Musical Meddler Squad is waiting for YOU!

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