Of No Consequence

As of this writing, I have been permanently suspended from the Twitter platform. Those of you who know me personally, realize what this means.

It means we have to have a talk.

I was a Twitter user (or “Twat”, if you prefer) since February of 2019. I have been penalized three times since then, but my ability to post was always restored after a period of a few days or weeks. This is the first time I have been permanently banned from any social media. Not even Facebook, which I consider to be the platform most fatally poisoned by leftist agendas and Democrats, ever banned me for good. I wasted almost four years building up a userbase by promoting my work and eBay auctions on Twitter. Luckily for you, my real-time documentation of the 2020 presidential election fraud is now lost to the ether. Among many other pithy sentiments into which I put a substantial amount of thought and energy. Gone, daddy-o.

Funny how mere days after newly-minted Twitterverse king Elon Musk revealed that I was 100% correct in my belief that both the 2020 election and global pandemic were fraudulent (with copious evidence), I got the axe. Funny thing, that. I’m sure it’s just a coinky-dinkle-doo.

The focus of my blood feud is not Musk, although I have goofed on him in the past upon this very site. I sincerely admire his demonstrable ability to roll with a million punches, and his obvious commitment to freedom of speech. He’s African-American, which is always a plus. Mostly, he has a great sense of humor, something I consider to be crucial in a public figure.

But just because Elon Musk believes in free speech doesn’t mean Twitter does.

I appealed the suspension as soon as I received it, and was rather venomous in my reply, because frankly this kind of treatment makes me very salty. I made it absolutely clear that I did not deserve to be considered a threat simply because I expressed an opinion. I wasn’t profane, but I was obviously fed up. That’s… actually an understatement. A massive one.

A few days later, this morning in fact, I received this reply.

“Participating in targeted abuse”. Believe me, if I was actually targeting anyone for abuse, or inciting other people to engage in targeted harassment, you’d goddamn motherfucking know about it.

The opinion that got me the chop is as follows, from memory, because obviously I can’t go screen-cap it. It was a jesting reply in a thread where people were giving their opinions of how Anthony Fauci, a public figure personally responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths dating back to the 1980’s, should be punished.

“He deserves public execution, same way Mussolini got it.”

So now we gotta have a talk. A serious one. Take a knee.

Anyone- and I mean anyone- who honestly thinks that my opinions will cause harm or harassment has either shit for brains, or shit in their diaper. If not both.

Those of you like me, who peruse a wider spectrum of the internet, have probably seen the following words: “Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences.”

In my opinion, you should harass anyone who uses that phrase, until you discover where they live, hunt them down, and cave in their skull with a sledgehammer.

If you feel that I’m wrong for writing that, read it again. Read the first three words.

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that someone reads my stated opinion, tracks some poor bastard down, and turns their head into a birdbath. That would be all my fault, right?


It would be the fault of the person dumb enough to take it upon themselves to do the deed in the first place.

That’s the consequence. That person would probably go to prison, and I’d laugh in the face of anybody who claimed I was even remotely culpable. Punishing me would be a clear violation of my Constitutional rights, i.e. the only Terms of Service I give a fuck about.

Freedom of speech ABSOLUTELY means freedom from consequences. Censorship is for those who threaten or exact real harm upon children and/or animals, and nothing else. Consequences do not exist until they are enacted by a human being. That’s how consequences work, unless you’re talking about the consequences of bothering a bear, or other dangerous creature. But a person has to decide to exact real harm using words they heard or read as the reason, spuriously convinced that they are justified in acting out their idea of a “consequence”.

That means the fault lies entirely with them. Not with me.

I’m not a judge (which is why I used the word deserve), and America does not have public executions (not for a long time, anyway). It would be physically impossible for me to harm Anthony Fauci in any way, even if I actually wanted to. You, I, and every single person we know will all go to our graves without ever seeing Anthony Fauci and his mistress dangling by their tootsies from the metal framework of a half-built service station. Truthfully, it’s entirely probable that we’ll all grow old and die without ever seeing Fauci receive so much as a slap on the wrist for his crimes against humanity. A fucking moron could understand this. A moron I tell you.

“Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences” is a bold-faced threat, and don’t kid yourself. It implies that I’d better watch my mouth, or someone might inflict grievous harm upon me, or upon someone else “on my behalf”. It’s a violation of our Constitutional rights. Disagree with my opinions all you want (after all, they are opinions, not facts); no earthly human being gets to keep me from expressing them. If you disagree with that, you’re wrong. You’re way off-brand.

And if you want to split hairs and say that I should have explicitly stated that my Mussolini tweet was purely my own opinion and not that of Twitter Inc., first of all, it wouldn’t have mattered, and secondly, practically everything anyone ever tweeted has been opinion.

Check out the phony horseshit that opens the second paragraph of the message I received from Twitter HQ. I’ll reprint it so you don’t have to scroll up and possibly lose your place in this awesome article I churned out in a single sitting.

“In order to ensure that people feel safe expressing diverse opinions and beliefs on our platform, we do not tolerate abusive behavior.”

Twitter, 12/14/2022
  1. I don’t give a fuck about your straw-people feeling unsafe.
  2. I’ve been around the block enough times to know that “diverse opinions” means only the ones with which you agree, or opinions from persons who might attack you if you don’t, because they’re considered a “protected class” in America and elsewhere.
  3. That goes double for “beliefs”. Twitter features posts from the Ayatollah of Iran calling for the murder of Jews. The fucking Taliban uses Twitter. So tweets only become “abusive” if they don’t come from people of whom Twitter is terrified.
  4. “Abusive behavior”. How’s this for abusive; I’ll make you choke on those words.

I mentioned a “protected class”; you can work out for yourself who that is. Almost the entire world is currently kneeling in submission to them, and by “them” I don’t mean Islam. These are people who hate themselves to the point of extreme mental sickness. They take this hatred out on anyone, blood relative or total stranger, who does not affirm or agree with their personal choices. Even an innocent kid who sees them and can’t figure out what the fuck they’re supposed to be, because to the average child, they look like a crazy person.

This “protected class” enjoys protection because most people, especially the media and almost anyone who has tangible assets to lose, will only kiss their asses. Not out of respect. Out of fear of having their lives and/or families destroyed.

Because this “protected class”, whom I will not identify here, believes freedom of speech applies to them and them alone. They believe that they should be afforded the right to actually threaten extreme harm upon any and all who disagree with their decisions, or even criticize them.

If even a single one of them wasn’t noticeably unwell, I would gladly point them out. But I refuse to because I don’t want them in my life in any capacity. I don’t even want to acknowledge they exist, if I’m not permitted to express an opinion about them without punishment. And these are often persons who think nothing of driving a website out of business, or a human being to suicide. Through targeted harassment.

They post on Twitter with no issues. Even if they threaten Supreme Court judges. Not just one judge; six of them.

Picture credit: @SethDillon; edited for “clarity” by me.

I’ve told many of you before; anyone claiming “white supremacy” is full of shit. Anyone who calls someone a “Klansman” is an imbecile. Anyone who thinks that “women don’t have rights” is a fucking dunce. And guess what; you can look up this schizoid’s tweets with no problem, unlike mine, which are gone. Daddy-o.

How safe do you think those justices should feel? Does that one tweet not incite violence more than the one for which I was unceremoniously booted, and is it not visited upon more important persons? Does it not violate Twitter’s ostensible Terms of Service? Does it not suggest that this self-proclaimed “activist” is actually dangerous?

Beats me. I just laughed at the ugliness and hypocrisy of the individual who wrote it and then promptly forgot about it. But as I said, this person enjoys the safety of the “protected class”.

No one wants to “touch the poo”, because if they did, the poo would rub off on them and make them stink out loud. Negative attention is not preferable to no attention. Take note of the blue check mark next to the name; this was before you could buy one. Protected.

Look! There’s that magic word again: “consequences”. Coming from someone who thinks nothing of them, feels safely protected from them, and has no problem speaking for everyone but themselves. All because they do literally nothing but project hatred. Because they hate themselves, and what they’ve allowed themselves to become.

So let’s talk about consequences.

There will be consequences for anyone who treats me like a threat, or a dangerous criminal, for expressing my personal opinions. Biblical consequences. If that statement makes those persons feel unsafe, terrific. They should. They should lie awake in terror every night for the rest of their miserable lives.

In the words of a brilliant bunny whose cartoons have been censored into illegibility by other milquetoasts who cower in fear of imaginary consequences:

Of course you realize, this means war.

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