Hey, Where Can I Go?

a poem by
m. boy anderson


Where can I go?

Where can I go
On the internet
Where I don’t have to learn about
Anyone’s penis?

Where they stuck it
Where they tried to stick it
Where someone said they stuck it
What someone said it looked like
What it really looked like
Someone else’s penis in my brain
Where can I go
To avoid that?

Where can I go?

Where can I go
To read the news
Where it isn’t reported
By emotionally obliterated people
Who hate what they write about
And are paid
To distract
And divide
And will die
Alone and afraid
Alienated and unloved
Where can I go?

Seriously, what the fuck happened to journalistic standards?




Where can I go
On social media
And find someone
Who can rationally
And without condescension
Or insult
Or any alarming behaviors whatsoever
(I had to whisper that)
“De-platformed”, you say?
Sounds like the kind of thing
That if it happened to a leftist
You’d never

But what do I know?
After all,
Censorship only matters
If it’s happening
To someone
With whom
You agree.
It’s a soft victory
Which is still a victory

Problem solved.
They went away, the ones
Who said
Those things
You disliked.

Isn’t that all that really matters?

Where can I go
And enjoy what I choose to enjoy
Without someone claiming
That what I enjoy
A book
A movie
A piece of art
Is the product
Of degenerates
And rapists?
There are parts of this world
Where women are raped in the street
Beaten to death with stones
Sold like cattle
Disappeared off boats into the ocean
At the very moment you are reading these words
And these
These too
So consider
Focusing your righteous urges upon that
Instead of alienating men
By subconsciously believing that all men
Are evil
Whether you are one or not
That’s fucked
And no man wants to hear about it
Women get pissed off
If you imply
Women are evil
Same shit
So knock it off
Asia Argento basically caused Anthony Bourdain’s suicide
She taunted him and cheated on him
“You know who you are”
Three hours later
Dude hung himself
Look into it
Before you chastise anyone
Just because
They wanted to see
Some Woody Allen film

Where can I go
To enjoy that?
Where no caveat is offered
No court transcripts are cross-referenced
Just a movie
Taken at face value
Existing as it was made
Like a person
Guilty only
Of its own sins
None imposed from outside forces
Criticized only with respect
And love
As it was made

Except Twilight Zone: The Movie
I’ll let you have that one

Where can I go
Where people don’t confuse wisdom
With awareness of what they don’t like?
Who are these fuckers?
Where did they come from?
There are students
In colleges
Who call Robert Crumb
Because he drew things
They lack the critical thinking
And wisdom
To properly process
And in the same breath
They promote
Their terrible
Half-assed comics
And their Patreon page
And their DeviantArt account
And their Twitter
Where they tweet
Exactly what you’d expect
Trendy witch-hunts
Finger pointing
Imaginary enemy punching
Desperate yelping
plz plz
i’m evr so gud


Where can I go?

Does anyone know?

Can anyone tell me
Where I can go
Where people can go
Five fucking minutes
Without being a flaming asshole?

Do you know?

Does anyone know
Where I can go?

Nowhere, huh?

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