The Bumper Sticker

From BIUL II. It’s actually stuck on the file cabinet now.

Here’s where you can get one of those stickers, if you’re so inclined. Ask nicely, okay?

If you’re throwing around the word “Nazi” right now, you don’t know what it means. You don’t know anyone who survived the Holocaust. You don’t know what Godwin’s Law is. Shame, shame, shame on you.

If you call someone a Nazi, and they are unconnected to Hitler’s National Socialist Party, your credibility as a debater is irrevocably sullied. It’s insulting to the surviving persons who suffered under Hitler, and the ones who didn’t survive, and obviously can’t speak for themselves.

Literally anyone can paint a swastika someplace. No one questions it, or calls it mere vandalism; it’s reported in the news as solid evidence of the return of Nazism. Someone painted a little swastika on a rock in the woods behind my boyhood New Jersey home, with the words “To Live Is To Die”. I referenced this in the Ancient Carvings strip in BIUL II. I guess Nazism has been returning since I was 11.

The swastika is a well-known symbol of fascism. It’s nearly as universally understood as fire. You don’t scream about fire when there is none, and you don’t call people Nazis when they’re not. They just have different opinions than you. You’re the one calling for blood. You’re the one being violently hateful. You’re the ones marching.

Isn’t that what fascists do? March? I tell you this much, as a whitish mutt, it’s not an option for me unless I have a tuba in my hands. I’d be more than happy to march if I felt a sudden craving for a sniper’s bullet. Literally everyone freaks out if white men march, including other white men.

Why is so much on social media about who’s “racist” and who’s not? Because that jacket is one size fits all, and nobody cares if it’s on the right person or not. The now-defunct Gawker website became so virtuously enraged about Hulk Hogan saying “nigger” in a taped phone conversation, they pulled out all the stops to paint him as a degenerate monster. Then Hulk Hogan sued them into oblivion. I’m sorry- Hulkamania ran wild on Gawker and they didn’t know what to do, brother.

Remember when “homophobe” was the negative jacket du jour? How people claimed that the biggest homophobes were actually queer as a football bat, in secret? I agree with that claim. That’s how I know that the people crying “fascist” are the biggest fascists of all. 

That’s Sid Vicious at right, of the Sex Pistols, with girlfriend Nancy Spungen. He wore the swastika to be offensive, not to be a Nazi. In the movie Sid & Nancy, it was changed to a hammer and sickle, which is apparently okay. It’s not like millions died under Communism, or anything.

I’ve reached the point where all I can do is laugh. Three days ago I laughed myself hoarse, all day. People are marching against fascism. That is, as they say, like fucking for virginity.

I rarely offer a public opinion on protesters, because it’s like anything else people bicker about; nine times out of ten, I’m confronting their imagined idea of protesters, based on no personal experience whatsoever. Most people maintain a rose-colored view of the act (unless they work hard for a living). That’s bad, and that’s why the mainstream media fucked you but good. 

No matter what you are protesting, or how much you believe in it, you have volunteered to be a media statistic. Black Lives Matter was utterly meaningless, because on the news, it was merely footage of a large group of black people, usable for any agenda. Occupy Wall Street accomplished nothing, because the news predictably focused on the worst of them, the absolute insane idiots, and that became how the movement was known. This week, women marched and wore identical hats that had to come from someplace. This time they weren’t all about “slut walks” and “freeing the nipple”. They continued to be very difficult to take seriously.

All I can do is laugh, because I know how it turns out. Don’t talk to me about numbers, like you’re comparing rock concerts. That only makes it clear that you’ve surrendered to a cult of personality. That’s why you rage at the “other side” so much. You can’t believe Cool Dude couldn’t stay president forever. I dunno, I liked the guy, but he also reversed on some of the statements that got him elected in the first place, and like any other world leader, pulled some truly diabolical shit with a smile on his face. But we got an 8-year break from hearing about WMDs and semen stains, and for that I gladly say, thank you Barack Obama. I do think it’s fucked up that both your names come up as red-lined typos in WordPress.

The reality is this: on the 20th of this month you were given an opportunity to reach out to and reunite with your fellow peoples, and according to the mainstream media, a lot of you really biffed it. After eleven years of you bitching about Darth Vader screaming “NOOOOOOO!”, you decided it was a suitable reaction to Trump’s election. Which everyone is suddenly an authority on. I wish I could magically kick in your imaginary nuts. Where were you when it FUCKING MATTERED????

I apologize for not putting ‘NSFW’ on this picture of a pussy.

Peaceful protest is within your rights as an American. It’s also something most Americans never actually do in their lives, because everything productive that they do is halted or cast aside. No protester anywhere has to work to put food on their family’s table. If they did, they’d be working. They have to. They don’t want their children taken away.

That’s the problem with many protests in the 21st century. They in no way represent how most people think and live. The average person doesn’t even question where the picket signs come from. Plus, it’s now common practice to shout “pervert” or “Nazi” at someone, and let the chips fall where they may. Willful, medieval mob mentality.

That’s how the Nazis thought. 

It used to be that the government sent spooks to infiltrate protests and destroy them; now the protests self-destruct automatically. Internal squabbles and mentally totalitarian women will wreck the infrastructure, not of any institution but their own. Also most folks shut the fuck up after a few nights in jail. Do you think actual protest would be permitted if it could change anything?

I respect my thoughts and ideas enough to refine them into comics and articles. Believe me, there are more than a few women drawing comics about their opinions right now, I’m just not gonna do the hard work for you by linking them. What would it mean if I made it easy for you? Okay, here’s a hint- two of them are named Carol. You’re welcome. Again; be nice. 

Maybe when you call someone a “Nazi”, you’re really saying “do you NOT SEE WHAT A POSEUR HYPOCRITE I AM?”

Because it’s as visible as a swastika on an armband.

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