Gone Viral

I’ve always known I was smarter than just about everyone else. Now, I have proof. Beyond the shadow of any doubt, I have proof.

Walk into any grocery store and behold the barren shelves where toilet paper used to be. There’s the proof. Everyone is utterly full of shit. I hope, more than I hope for my continued survival, that this does not include you.

As a matter of fact, the mere act of reading these words proves to me that you aren’t stupid. You just want answers, and you’re sick to death; not of any fabricated virus or weaponized flu, but of putting your trust in people who lie to you. You don’t know where to turn anymore, and now that you’re likely confined to your home, matters are even worse.

Well, at the risk of alienating you, I hate to tell you this, but you fucking asked for it.

Let me impart upon you one of my own infallible truthisms, a recent revelation I pulled from a moment of unrelenting darkness:

You cannot force anyone to care, no matter how angry you get.

What you are being told incessantly is “COVID-19”, or the “Coronavirus”; it originally came from Wuhan, China. It was deliberately released upon their population by their government (who then suppressed information about it for months), to help exterminate their elderly. The fact that their citizens eat bats, literally the last animals that any sane human being would even think about consuming, didn’t help matters. Anyone who calls you a “racist” for knowing or repeating this is a coward connected in some way to the Communist Chinese government.

Especially if they’re a Hollywood actor. You are being told that celebrities are infected with the Wuhan flu- sorry, “COVID-19”, because those celebrities are attached to production companies co-opted by the Chinese. This is to put an American face on something that, on its own, wouldn’t send Americans into a TP-buying panic.

You cannot force anyone to care, and frankly, unless my friends and/or family sicken and die from this supposed pandemic, I don’t. There could be bloated bodies stacked outside my apartment door like cordwood and I wouldn’t care. Hey, I don’t want to lie to you. I respect you too much for that, in theory.

Remember two months ago, when the impeachment of Donald Trump was more important than anything in the world? Quick question; where are the proponents of said impeachment now? Heard from any of them lately?

Of course you haven’t. They’re all holed up in their elite compounds, patiently waiting for all of us to riot and kill each other. And guess what; they have plenty of toilet paper.

Remember when San Francisco decided, against all sane advice, to allow their citizens to drop trou and shit upon their shining streets? Now their city is on “lockdown”. Let’s all shed a tear for these poor souls now made to shit in toilets like the rest of us. What a true abortion of justice. My God, the inhuman cruelty. Here’s hoping they possess something with which to wipe their precious ivory-tower assholes.

Beloved celebrity and Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks revealed recently that he has the elusive “Coronavirus”, which is wow, just mighty convenient, being that the rumors of his pedophilia were rapidly gelling. What do you think the odds are that he isn’t connected to China, Harvey Weinstein, or Jeffery Epstein? Zero? Zero point zero, perhaps? I mean, this is all conjecture, of course. Ha- where would I ever get the crazy idea that a billionaire Hollywood celebrity could be a pedophile?

Any celebrity who claims to be infected with the virus is being made to go public, to control you. That’s why everyone else is buying all the toilet paper. This isn’t about healthcare, or public safety, or anything but controlling you. The less you think for yourself, the better. The more you panic, the better. So take the easy out. As you can see on cable news, everyone is.

Remember when “climate change” mattered? Whatever happened with that? Could it be that it was all completely blown out of proportion, as a gambit to control you?

God fucking damn you if you’re still looking to CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, or the Washington Post for answers. God fucking damn you. You deserve every fucking thing you get.

However, as I myself said, you cannot force anyone to care, no matter how mad you get. As soon as you don’t have to, you won’t care about the Whatever Virus, just like you stopped caring about “climate change” the minute a bigger scare came along. You’ll make yourself forget, to hide your embarrassment over freaking out. You’ll never spare a thought for China again, even if their population is decimated. You’ll go back to using plastic straws just like nothing ever happened.

You’re waiting with bated breath for that moment, when you don’t have to act like you care anymore. Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. You never had to care in the first place. You never did.

Be honest with yourself. You don’t want to care. I know, because I don’t. And you and I are more the same than you’d like to admit. You’re too smart to fall for this shit anymore.


Take a few minutes and think. Make a list of all the pundits, politicians, celebrities and media people who’ve jacked your emotions around for the past four years. Think of all the ways they’ve insulted and denigrated you, called you names, called you stupid. Think of how they raged at you and told you how you should live your life. Think of how they ransom their favor on social media, only granting attention to those who tweet the right things.

They’re the scared ones. They’re the ones losing this battle. Not us. These are people who have millions more than we’ll ever see in our lifetimes, and they’re chicken-shit about losing even a cent. They’ll do literally anything to keep what they have, and we are in the way.

Do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your children raped and brainwashed, and they think it’s funny. If there is a Hell, its fires burn for them. Not us. This I promise you. I swear it.

You’re going to be okay. Everything is. You are witnessing the depths to which some people will stoop in order to get what they want. They will lose, and we will come out stronger in the end. And, of course, it isn’t really the end.

You’re smart. You knew that already.

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