What You Need To Hear

I need to do my job as a website manager and give you something you need, that you didn’t know you did. Don’t get spoiled, this won’t happen very often. But if I’m hurting, which I am now more than ever, it means that the rest of the world is hurting even more.

So here’s what you need.

If it’s safe for space, it’s SFW.


Stay in touch with positive things that keep you strong. You are almost literally under assault by the mainstream media. They are playing to what they believe are your worst instincts; materialism, powerlessness and fear of aging. They have corrupted every facet of a woman’s life, from communication to tampons. They herald a body type based on what their sponsors are trying to sell you. They try everything possible to divide the sexes.

You might have to break from something that makes you comfortable.

Be mindful of who is trying to show you ads, and how they do it. Companies are not human. They don’t care if their products drive you to madness or suicide, which they can and will. If you drink Diet Coke every day, replace it with water. Diet Coke has aspartame in it. It poisons your body and mind.

No one can handle current politics at all times. It’s cancerous. It turns women into monsters. Worst of all, it’s commingling with entertainment now, so it’s being forced upon you, just like advertisements. Plus, some of your female friends or relations might be hysterical about the current administration. This is fine. It happens. Some people can’t get love, for whatever reason, and they know it, and it always leads to hysteria. I tell you this from experience.

Switch it off. Read. Reconnect with your girlfriends, in person. A computer is not meant to be part of your life all the time. Let no employer or anyone else tell you different. You don’t need to see the news every minute. No one does. It aids nothing and enables emotional hysteria. You’ve read the words “fake news” so many times they’ve lost all meaning. Look, it’s like this:

If a headline has its own opinion, it’s not real news.

Simple as that. No one is telling you that constant Internet use improves your life; in fact, the opposite is being proven. It’s not you; it’s them. 

Let’s say you research a personal or physical flaw, on the Internet. More than likely, you’ll encounter a small group of users who share the same condition. Subconsciously, this validates it. Validation can be a dangerous thing. If it doesn’t come face-to-face, there’s no way to tell if it’s genuine.

But you read it, and that’s oftentimes good enough.

See how nefarious that is? You should be protecting children and other women from that. It’s legitimate subliminal indoctrination. It’s already doing damage.

I mean… how good do you feel about yourself? About your body?

If the answer is “not very”, or worse, please get off the Internet. It’s already hurting you. No one will think less of you. Come back when you’re ready. And when you do:

  1. Treat the Internet like an agoraArrive prepared to do business, respect the rules of the open marketplace, and exit when you’re done.
  2. Do not use Google. If it’s built into something you use, like a phone, remove it or have it removed.
  3. Treat all news on the Internet as false until proven otherwise. There is an entire subset devoted to fooling people. Even Wikipedia, to which I frequently link, is unreliable. 
  4. If you must share something from the Internet with another person, think first if they would want to hear it out of the blue. Odds are they wouldn’t. It’s nothing personal, just remember that literally nothing on the Internet is worth actually talking about.

My favorite thing about Atlanta is that I can walk around it and see hordes of lovely women, of all varieties and (adult) ages. That is the reconnection of which I speak. A computer is a tool for a very specific set of tasks. If your occupation or lifestyle doesn’t require one, then don’t worry about it. You aren’t missing out on anything, whereas if you’re on the computer, you’re missing out on everything.

Stop fretting over things that don’t directly affect you. It’s a ruse. You’re being run amok, to keep you from learning of horrific deeds being done around the world. Even these don’t affect you. It’s the media scaring you, for money. It’s all they truly do.

You have to love yourself. You have to. Love comes from you. It doesn’t come from men. We go to you for it. That’s why we don’t really want you in politics, or the military, or even jail. It means we failed you. You’d be forsaking love for power, and you’re not supposed to do that. It’s not in your nature. That’s why you’re terrible as gross-out comedians; you just look ill and upset, and we want to help you. Then when we do, you lash out at us, and call us names.

And I’m over here like, I just want to talk to an attractive girl about books, and then bang her.

I don’t care about what Trump said, or what Trump didn’t say, or what did or didn’t happen, or anything other than trying to stay alive for another 24 hours. I don’t care about anything on the Internet, even if I put it there. I care about one thing.


So be good to yourself. Be loving, but also be prepared if love is not returned. Sometimes it takes a while.


Brothers, I have much less to tell you than I did the females. But be mindful.

Natural masculine strength is discouraged and derided by the mainstream media. Sitcoms feature large families wherein the patriarch is either a wimp or an oaf. Every sitcom has a gay character. This is an anti-family agenda in the guise of diversity. It’s another double-bind; no doubt you’ve noticed how those who criticize it are shouted down on social media as bigoted. It’s how the Bubble People make their money.

Even though I’m disinclined towards fatherhood, if you’re becoming a responsible father: great. It’s the only place in modern life where you can be respected for doing things that require being a man. The only other place is the firehouse.

You have to be a big strong man to hold a fire hose and fight fires; otherwise you’ll be blasted backwards. My Uncle Cosmo crafted hose nozzles on a lathe in the 1970s, and he had forearms like Popeye. The reason there’s such a morass of male-female bickering on-line is because any asshole can get on a computer and type. No one doing the bickering has to perform physical labor of any kind.

Physical labor is a total reality check. You either can do it, or you can’t. If you can move heavier objects than the average woman can, you’re fine. Work out when you have nothing else to do. If your job requires manual precision, don’t toughen up your hands. Build, don’t destroy.

You could spend a million dollars on a piece of jewelry for a woman, and it wouldn’t have half the impact of a gift you built yourself. Shit… you could make jewelry, you know. You could do a lot of things other than chase paper and pussy on a computer.


Make sure you have a personality outside of your lifestyle. We don’t love George Takei and John Waters because they plow buns; we love them for who they are. We love them so much, we accepted their lifestyle. They never forced acceptance upon us. They earned it.

Dressing as outrageously as possible and screaming for acceptance doesn’t work. It’s a side effect of past acceptance. The people we love who earned our acceptance set a style, and sometimes damaged people emulate that style, because they crave that acceptance. They’re putting the cart before the horse. It comes off as phony, and since the media covers it, it becomes the “Image of Homosexuality” for heterosexuals who have no idea about gayness.

See the way that works? The media fills a void by exploiting its emptiness. Here’s a picture of a crazy-looking person in homemade, pastel clothes, toting a picket sign, mouth agape. Does this look “gay” to you? It does? Wonderful! A new thumbnail!

That’s why someone like Lena Dunham has a job. Soulless opportunism and exploitation of audiences. And whenever someone like her “trends”, in comes the ad revenue, which is all it was ever about anyway. Advertising.

So make sure you’re an advertisement for nothing but yourself. Not a cause, not a gender, not a sexuality; you. Keep your personal struggles to yourself; struggles made public are trials, a whole other animal. Trials have stenographers and paper trails. Struggles have inspiration and merit.

Beware anyone who makes a show out of their lifestyle. They are disingenuous charlatans who will bleed you dry, and they come in all styles and faces. Tell everyone about your sexuality if you want to increase the amount of people you fuck. That’s the real motivation.


I didn’t mean to leave you out. You’re just too darn special. I hope you’re a hamster.

Vern luvs you too.

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