Green Cards

On this special day, as many gather to celebrate the incineration of healing plants (or Hitler’s birthday/anniversary of Columbine, for the sickies), please enjoy these clip-n-save trading cards. They’re just the thing you need, for when you have to deal with the dark side of getting stoned.

Ask Mom for help before toking up, or using the scissors on your computer monitor. Fold along center line.

“The Microphone”

“Pop Seeds”


“Pussy Packer”

“Ol’ Hit ‘N’ Dip”

“The Trainwreck”

“The Buzzard”

Remember friends: don’t be a “Cannabis Creep”!

Look for more Cannabis Creeps in future issues of Bands I Useta Like! Once printed, cut out and folded, the cards can form a “rotation”, when placed next to each other!

Happy 4/20. 

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