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Tell Your Dumb Wife To Shut Up

I know at least one or two of you out there have been wondering why I’ve posted so infrequently this year, and why I went completely AWOL from social media. Since the truth is bound to trickle out very soon, I thought I’d break the news here, where it can be shared with the most readers. Guess what friends:

💑 💒 💕 💘 ❣ I GOT MARRIED!!! 💑 💒 💕 💘 ❣

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Earn This

It’s one of the corniest moments in any movie, let alone a WWII movie from 1998, but it works.

In Saving Private Ryan, Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) pulls Private Ryan (Matt Damon) close, and speaks his final words to the soldier he has given his life to save:

Earn this. Earn it.”

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