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I Never Liked You: 2 Live Crew

Can I let you in on a little secret?

Nobody actually likes 2 Live Crew. They stank. They were the kind of fraud that today, would be secretly sponsored by George “Fuck Everything Good” Soros. 2 Live Crew was just garbage.

I don’t know what a “puxxy” is, but I bet if you popped one, it would make a bad smell.

It was humiliating to stock, sell or even see 2 Live Crew albums in the record store. As soon as a customer brought one to the counter, you knew there would be a problem. The customer was always under 18, and thus forbidden to purchase the music; no one older than 18 cared about it. If they enjoyed rap, they had already moved on to something actually good.

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Movies You Missed: Entertainment

Comedian Gregg Turkington created the Neil Hamburger persona in the 1990s; a bespectacled, bilious nightclub performer with an impossibly greasy comb-over, a bowtie, and three cocktails tucked under his arm. I first saw him on the talk show Tom Green used to broadcast from his LA home, and it was obvious even then that Turkington was crafting a comedy image on par with Tony Clifton, or Otto & George.

Hamburger is not impressed with the neck and legs of Thora.

Hamburger is not impressed with the neck and legs of Thora.

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Comedy = Tragedy + Time

At least I didn’t put this up yesterday. (From BANDS I USETA LIKE II.)

kennedyskullsOtto Petersen was a ventriloquist who entertained audiences from the early 1970s until his unfortunate demise in 2014. He was a living encyclopedia of show biz minutiae, and was admired even by the likes of Jeff Dunham and David Copperfield. He wrote the obscene nursery rhymes that made Andrew Dice Clay a star. His crowd work with dummy George Dudley was so sharp and quick, no one ever gave a shit that his mouth moved. Otto & George was one of the funniest acts in the business; maybe even the funniest. Continue reading

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Axl of Nazareth

I never liked Guns ‘N Roses, and this might surprise you, but my reasons are weird. On the surface, I found Axl Rose grating and embarrassingly trashy, although the other band members were really good, and their album Appetite For Destruction was my earliest exposure to the art of Rob’t Williams. But I never could abide a poseur, and in my opinion, Axl Rose has built a career impersonating the lead singer of Scottish hard-rock band Nazareth.

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