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I Never Liked You: 2 Live Crew

Can I let you in on a little secret?

Nobody actually likes 2 Live Crew. They stank. They were the kind of fraud that today, would be secretly sponsored by George “Fuck Everything Good” Soros. 2 Live Crew was just garbage.

I don’t know what a “puxxy” is, but I bet if you popped one, it would make a bad smell.

It was humiliating to stock, sell or even see 2 Live Crew albums in the record store. As soon as a customer brought one to the counter, you knew there would be a problem. The customer was always under 18, and thus forbidden to purchase the music; no one older than 18 cared about it. If they enjoyed rap, they had already moved on to something actually good.

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Pure Evel

I don’t know why people are sad about the Great Deathwave of 2016. It’s a remarkable opportunity to make a stranger’s life all about yourself.

Muhammad Ali, The Greatest, 1942-2016. A multifarious and complex personality that's tough to categorize, not a prop for your opinions.

Muhammad Ali, The Greatest, 1942-2016. A multifarious and complex personality that’s tough to categorize (especially for a pugilist), not a prop for your opinions.

When a celebrity dies, you now own them. You can take the life’s work of someone you never encountered and reduce it to a personal inspiration. You can interpret their efforts as empowerment for your own agendas. Oh, and you can cherry-pick the qualities of their persona that you agree with, and ignore everything else. A corpse will never call your bluff. Continue reading

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Oh, The Guilt

OhTheGuiltIt’s 2015, the year of the second Back To The Future. That movie got a few things right, but I’d say the most accurate predictions appeared much earlier, in George Orwell’s 1984. That’s a book, something dullards use to prop up tables or batter their spouses.

You see, if the average millennial would crack a copy of that book, they’d see the horrible fact that we now live in that world. Free speech is literally under assault. Citizens shame other citizens- oftentimes their friends or family- and cast them out merely for their opinions. Government intervention is practically begged for, in every facet of life, if it sustains the manufactured conveniences people have convinced each other they need. The most popular media is toothless and gutted by political correctsmanship and inoffenspeak. And everyone knows what everyone else is doing.

Never forget to think for your goddamn self. That’s what the bad guys are waiting for. That’s when they’ve got you.

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