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Regional Ambiguity

When you listen to a professional newscaster, you are hearing an “all-purpose” American accent, very similar to how black comedians make fun of white guys. It’s a mode of speaking designed to be understood by a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. It’s also totally alien sounding, especially when they lapse into a Spanish voice for words like “Nicaragua”.

Outside of America, accents are seldom a focal point.

In 1990, I relocated from New Jersey to Georgia. Originally, I had a curt New Jersey accent, like Jim Norton. My first year, I roomed with a guy from Rhode Island, and when I went back to Jersey for vacation, my friends couldn’t believe what a horror show my speaking voice had become. I was the caricature of the braying Yankee.

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The Cola Challenge

On a recent Age Of The Shrug podcast, Joey Pikkels and I did a blind taste test with the two leading brands of cola: Pepsi and Coke. We were surprised and amazed and all that.

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Steely Dan

Don’t worry, I still like Steely Dan. In fact, I love them. If you require proof, and god only knows why you would, here is a special three-part AGE OF THE SHRUG to back me up.  Continue reading

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Another Podcast!

Would you trust these men?

Would you trust these men?

As promised, the AGE OF THE SHRUG podcast has begun! Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if you were stuck in a room with an insufferable cartoonist and his equally grouchy friend? Wonder no longer, person I sure hope exists!

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Trigger Warning


The signs were there all along. It doesn’t take a genius to see what this means. It was only a matter of time. The evidence just kept mounting, until finally, the pressure was too much. Something had to give. Continue reading

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