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Crash Test Dummies

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I do not like Porno For Pyros. At all. I know some people are sensitive about them. I know they only have one album (I think; I’m not gonna go look). I just don’t like them. I also can’t remember why I bothered to split my face between the two center panels, or what the change in shirt was supposed to indicate. Maybe I was mad for a really long time. It’s not like that’s a rare occurrence.

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Freedy Johnston

Freedy Johnston is a New York-based singer/songwriter who was born in Kansas. His lyrics are articulate and literary, and of a quality not heard since the days of Gordon Lightfoot and Laura Nyro. He has been called “a songwriter’s songwriter”, and his work has been featured in movie soundtracks, most notably Kingpin(1996).

Sweet merciful mother of god, his songs are sad.

Not pictured: Freedy Johnston.

Not pictured: Freedy Johnston.

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