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When a band shows us the top of the mountain, we treat them the harshest. Every time we see them, we want them to take us to the top of the mountain one more time. If they can’t or won’t do it again, out come the knives.

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(Every Day Is) Halloween

Let’s say you’ve decided to become a “Goth”. These are some things you can expect:

  1. No friends, aside from other Goths.
  2. No attention, aside from that of other Goths.
  3. No respect from anyone, aside from other Goths.

Goths have made a full-time commitment to a bad mood. It’s like a lifestyle built entirely around PMS. If a Goth is older than 25, you’re looking at severely damaged goods. Elvira is literally the only person who can pull the look off successfully.

Damaged goods she is not.

Damaged goods she is not.

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I swear to god I thought I did a strip on Laibach. I had to look all over to make sure I didn’t. I can see it in my head! I can see it!

Okay, for one, I vividly remember this song opening differently, going straight into the dirgelike LOOOOOOOOOOO:

I’ve never found a version different from the one posted. Did I imagine it? Did I hear a remix, or was the CD skipping?

Two, another vivid memory: a high school buddy purchased a Laibach album, back when they came packaged in cardboard “longboxes”. He said the inside of the longbox was lined with swastikas, which prompted a stimulating discussion about the peaceful origins of the symbol. And he was Jewish! I have found no evidence online that this packaging ever existed. What the fricasee, did I goddamn dream it? What would THAT mean?

Thirdly, in my mind, I conflate “White Law” with this similarly-titled song:

Now you share my special level of Hell.

Finally, I’m certain that I’m not the only one who remembers when this turned up on 120 Minutes:

I’m counting this as a strip.

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Nine Inch Nails


Credit where it’s due: I rag on Trent Reznor because I know he’s capable of things like “La Mer”, from The Fragile.

I intended to back this up for you with a video link, but the relevant album version has been scrubbed from YouTube as far as I can tell. Sorry.


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