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3-D’s Nuts

3-D movies employ greatly improved technology today. Previously, they used the same glasses as 3-D comic books did; cardboard with acetate lenses in red and blue.

My personal pair, since 1991’s Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. (As much as would fit on my scanner.)

3-D comics were unreadable without these glasses. I still have two issues: Gumby 3-D and Transformers in 3-D #3, both from Blackthorne Publishing.

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Tangerine Dream


I offer no apologies for my adoration of mushroom clouds, Indiana Jones 4, and the score to the 1987 teen comedy Three O’Clock High. (Sidebar: its trailer used “Father On The Stairs” from Stewart Copeland’s Rumble Fish soundtrack, which is what initially piqued my interest.)

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