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I Never Liked You: INXS

Within my vast and dubious knowledge of music, there are holes. Some are tiny, like my ignorance of sex droid Taylor Swift. Others are much larger; one is the relative size of six Australians. I have never cared for INXS.

Nearly indistinguishable from Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam.

Nearly indistinguishable from Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam.

The closest I got was “The One Thing”, which saw heavy rotation on MTV in the early 1980s. The band benefited from a visual similarity to other groups, like U2, UB40 and the B-52s, and this sameness ensured my future confusion. I just never found INXS that memorable. Continue reading

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U2: F U

Let’s be realistic. U2, the band, has never, ever been good. I know you’ve been deluded into “thinking differently”, after all that drunken bellowing you did in junior high to “In The Name Of Love”. But I’m sorry. U2 sucks shit. Bono is a total asshole and “The Edge” is a clown. No U2 album has ever been worth listening to, that’s why no worthwhile artist, musician or critic ever springs to their defense. Their fan base is made up solely of people who would give anything to feel like they did at that U2 show in ’89… or just to feel filthy, stinking rich.  This is why U2 has become the ultimate corporate sell-out joke. No one will ever listen to their music unless they are literally forced. And now, that’s exactly their sales gambit.

U2’s Free Album Downloaded By Less Than 5% of Users

These whores tried the same shit with Apple almost ten years ago, while pushing their last rack of inanity. Because St. Jobs loved U2 so much, so shall all the Macfags in lockstep. Because they “think different”.

From a 2005 BIUL, "New Year's Resolution Suggestions"

From a 2005 BIUL, “New Year’s Resolution Suggestions”

This is what happens when you hit it big, get famous, and spend decades farting around a mansion instead of developing what bought it for you. The same thing happens every single time, and every musician starts out saying the same thing.

“I’ll never sell out like those whores.”

And every time they do, and we all get to suffer for it.

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