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The Commoditization of Emotional Discovery

Feel like crying?

There’s an entire genre of movies, TV shows and music, explicitly designed to mollify you in your time of emotional distress. Plus, there’s a contrived ending that tells you everything’s okay. Or not. It’s basically sadness porn, after all.

Feel like laughing? Same deal. Entire blocks of television programming are devoted to laughter, loaded with disparate commercials for unhealthy items and services. You can “binge-watch” every stand-up special a comedian has produced, and then argue about a decrease in their edge, on the Internet. Isn’t that fantastic?

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Why Black People Are Mad (By A White Person)

In the media, context means fame or misfortune.

In the media, context means fame, misfortune, or both.

By 2017, I will have resided in Atlanta, capitol and most populous city of Georgia, for fifteen years. Over 50% of our residents are black. It’s not a part of the country you’d live in if you dislike black people. And as a white person, I’ve been fortunate enough to interact with and observe black people on a daily basis, and compare it with how they are represented in the media and online.

I racked my white brain, the same kind of brain that built bridges and put men on the moon, to get a handle on the disparity I saw. I called upon my ancestry as an Italian immigrant to help me understand the terrible sins at the heart of it. I now know why anyone who identifies as black would be mad. Continue reading

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McNugget Anatomy

It may seem obvious, but when over a million people see your creation, it is quite a rush. When you make something that goes viral, I explained to a friend recently, it’s like surfing the inside of a tornado. It’s euphoric, but it taxes your emotional equilibrium, and if you aren’t careful it becomes an addiction. How would you handle the attention of a million people?

Sometime in 1999 (I think) I conjured up this piece, basing the shapes on the most common McNuggets. Nothing I have done since has elicited the same level of emotion and hysteria from readers, which I take great pride in. And despite my commitment to accuracy (for example, the crunch of the ‘eye’), I still enjoy eating the godforsaken things on occasion.

Before you ask, yes, there were t-shirts and posters. Grimace ate them all.


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