Spring Break Is Special!

This is it, folks; the magazine I’ve been teasing you with is finally here. And the best part? It’s ONLY $5! This incredible inaugural issue of BANDS I USETA LIKE MAGAZINE contains new stuff (like the Crumb comic and an extended preview of the “Jail” Comic), Cannabis Creeps trading cards, and Comics With Commentary- classic strips with added footnotes (like an explanation of the Van Halen strip)! It’s perfect for the best Spring Break EVER!

Don’t wait to get a copy off me in person- that is a real pain in the ass. Order NOW, and help support BIUL! Share the link with friends who love satire magazines and comix! Buy ’em in bulk, because just like Spring Break, they won’t be around for long!

Check the cover image below for more info, and to place an order. You won’t regret it!



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