Big Book of Comics!

From 2014 to 2018, I published five issues of Bands I Useta Like magazine, arguably my most popular venture to date. By which I mean, I print up copies and they sell. In case you’re one of the over 6 billion people who never got your hands on a copy, you’re in luck!

Now available for purchase, the Big Book of Comics compiles all five issues of the magazine, plus previously unpublished material from Bad Shape. That’s over 170 pages of some of the funniest, most politically incorrect comics you’ll ever read in your life. For the uninitiated, these aren’t the standard “Bands” strips compiled in the column on the right, or in Suicide Street; these are full-page comics on a variety of subjects, plus cut-outs and coloring pages. Technically, it covers work I’ve done from 1993 to 2019! That’s more than a quarter century! Not a bad deal, eh?

Alright, enough of my hard sell. Thanks as always for your time and support. Click the link below (opens in new tab or window) to preview the book, and order your own copy. Be well, and I’ll catch you on the flip flop!

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