The Safe Space Race

I know you’re out there; you’re sick and tired of political correctness stinking up your comics. Like, so sick and tired that you’re not even reading this. You’re off doing something else because you’re fed up with the never-ending guilt-trip perpetuated by the mainstream media. But I know you’re out there.

And if you were reading this, you’d know one thing.

I got your back.

I made a commitment in high school to politically incorrect humor. For thirty years, I have drawn satirical and intentionally provocative cartoons. I also made a commitment to provide entertainment on a regular basis. My goal is to make a living by turning the things that bother me into humor for the edification and enlightenment of others. The same goal of any comedian, really. I have a compulsion to turn any difficult situation or topic into a joke. The more inappropriate for humor the issue, the harder I will try.

If a joke makes me laugh, no matter how offensive it might be considered, I will not upbraid the person who told it. The joke was successful. I will cast no aspersions upon the teller, nor will I make any presumptions about their character, or their upbringing. All that matters is that the joke made me laugh. Whether I ever repeat it is up to me, but if someone says something I think is funny, they deserve to know about it.

That’s the litmus test for me. Whether the joke, in my considered opinion as a writer and celebrant of humor going back 30 years, is funny. Not any sort of enforced and nebulous standard of “political correctness”.

This is your Safe Space.

I know there are millions of women out there that are sick and tired not only of this politically-correct nonsense of which I speak, but also of media people and politicians telling the world “what all women think and believe”. I know you women are out there, who are too smart for all that shit. I know a lot of you personally; that’s how I know I’m right about this.

Unlike the media, I do not use women as weapons. Nor do I seek to weaponize them.

This is your Safe Space.

I don’t talk down to my fans, and I don’t insult my audience by second-guessing how much honesty they can take. You get the Full Dose. I have no intention of capitulating to anyone who takes offense at my work. You don’t have to worry that I’ll start pandering to specific groups for whatever purpose or agenda. You don’t have to fear that I’ll go “too far” and get censored, either. I know what I’m doing. I’ve been at this a very long time. It’s disadvantageous as a humorist and an artist to affiliate with any political party or social agenda, so I don’t. I won’t disappoint you one day in the future by throwing in with one wing or the other. You won’t get that sick feeling that comes from an artist you respected endorsing a politician you don’t.

I know you’re out there, and just like me, you want a laugh without strings attached. You don’t want to be psycho-analyzed because you found something funny. You don’t want to hear about who’s offended, or why, or what they plan to destroy in their hysteria over being offended. You just want a good laugh.

I got your back, buddy. This is your Safe Space.

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