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Second Site

As a Gemini, I am fascinated by duality in human nature. I was once married to an identical twin; I might have been one myself, had I not grown to a gargantuan eleven pounds in my mother’s womb. All the best songwriting teams are duos, and stand-up comedians used to come in pairs.

Joe E. Ross and Dave Starr in Teaserama, 1955. Not comedians, but definitely a pair.

Now, after a mere eighteen years on the Internet, I’ve done something I never thought possible; run two sites at once.

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The Jizz

I’m not going to bore you with more boasting about how I can draw better than any contemporary “web comic” artist out there. I’m going to bore you with an explanation why.

From INVISIBLE LEGENDS (unpublished)

From INVISIBLE LEGENDS (unpublished)

I’ve got The Jizz.

You could set out right now to be the greatest cartoonist in the world, spend billions of dollars, and you’d still never top me. You don’t have The Jizz. I do. Continue reading

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