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For No Reason, Here’s Apu

I often defend the things I love in life because of how much I have learned from them. From cartoon characters, I have learned a great many things. For instance, I have learned that there exist people in this world whose hearts are so cold and devoid of joy, they seek only to extinguish that joy in others, no matter the cost.

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Tracey Ullman

Fame is a funny thing. When it gets too big, it works against you, and you become overexposed. You’ve seen it time and time again; a company pushes a performer or a movie so hard, you can’t recall a time when you weren’t sick of them. Even their positive qualities become tiresome.

Then eventually, we acknowledge their talents, allowing that they were revealed during a time of intense corporate saturation.

Before 1986, there were three television networks; CBS, NBC, and ABC. Then in October of that year, Fox became the fourth, co-founded by the tyrant Rupert Murdoch. Fox would introduce a slate of unusual programming over the following two years, which included Married… With Children, The Arsenio Hall Show, 21 Jump Street, and a variety program (with animated bumpers) called The Tracey Ullman Show.

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Come In, Orson


Folks, this may surprise you, but I can feel your pain. I may play the angry cartoonist on TV, so to speak, but sometimes a hurt is so great that I feel it’s a better thing to reach out to you now.

First let me say that it’s wonderful that you’re taking the suicide of Robin Williams as an inspiration to learn more about depression, or as an opportunity to reach out to people. What could be more tragic than a man who almost literally spent every waking moment trying to make people laugh, taking his own life? The mind won’t accept it. It’s too harsh. It’s the story of Pagliacci, writ large before our eyes.

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