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Mannish Boy

Every so often, somebody inquires as to why the hell I call myself Matty Boy.

To which I affect my terrible Billy Bob Thornton impersonation, and reply, “would you ask Sonny Boy Williamson that?”

"Are you fucking with me?"

“Are you fucking with me?”

Since I’m referencing a radio debacle from years ago between Thornton and the guy from Moxy Fruvous, I receive blank looks in return. So let me clear the air a bit.

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Alask, Poor Popeyes

I’m sure by now a lot of you have seen the trailer for the upcoming CGI Popeye, and unless the sailor is a stranger to you, you noticed a lack of a certain tooty trademark. That’s right folks: a Popeye without a pipe is not a Popeye, and a donut without a hole is a Danish.

It defies all sense. As recently as 2011 we had a terrific Tintin movie with a captain who literally cannot function without liquor, and jumpstarts a seaplane engine with merely his breath. Even the portrait of Popeye on canned spinach labels in grocery stores has the pipe in his mouth. He cannot complete his own theme song without it!!!

I foresaw this gut-shot of political correctness as an 11th grader, and wrote this strip for the school paper. I redrew it two years later for the first issue of Mike The Pod Comix. The lines around the type are because I typed out all the Blockheads’ lines on my old Brother, then sliced them out with a razor blade and glued them directly onto the artwork.




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