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The Dictates of the Format

Whether you realize it or not, the way that you listen to music is dictated by the way it’s sold to you.

The “record album” was crippled and marched to extinction by a file-sharing website called Napster. Once users could cherry-pick the songs they desired for free, there was no longer any reason to package them together, or design art for them. Ipods were created once Apple saw the fortune to be reaped from people wanting a computer just to fill with audio files. Because there was no more incentive to craft a suite of tunes, or a concept album, everything went back to short pop music again. Because the convenience had redeemed it profitable.

I don’t like to lash out and spread negativity, but I truly hope the kid who created Napster sucks cocks in hell for eternity. It’s all that punk-ass’s fault. Continue reading

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