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Stabbing Westward

This is an early strip and it ain’t that great. I feel that works thematically with the band in question. I mean, do you even remember who I’m talking about?

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Check it out, I wrote my very own Tool song:

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Meat Shits

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Skinny Puppy


There are a handful of things I’d change if I were to redo this strip.

  1. I’d rephrase what “intrigued” me in the caption atop the first panel; my sarcastic quotation marks on “texture” are easily mistaken for a misspelling of an actual Skinny Puppy song, “Testure”.
  2. I would reevaluate my appreciation for them, because these days I find myself turning to their music regularly, like a balm.

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I swear to god I thought I did a strip on Laibach. I had to look all over to make sure I didn’t. I can see it in my head! I can see it!

Okay, for one, I vividly remember this song opening differently, going straight into the dirgelike LOOOOOOOOOOO:

I’ve never found a version different from the one posted. Did I imagine it? Did I hear a remix, or was the CD skipping?

Two, another vivid memory: a high school buddy purchased a Laibach album, back when they came packaged in cardboard “longboxes”. He said the inside of the longbox was lined with swastikas, which prompted a stimulating discussion about the peaceful origins of the symbol. And he was Jewish! I have found no evidence online that this packaging ever existed. What the fricasee, did I goddamn dream it? What would THAT mean?

Thirdly, in my mind, I conflate “White Law” with this similarly-titled song:

Now you share my special level of Hell.

Finally, I’m certain that I’m not the only one who remembers when this turned up on 120 Minutes:

I’m counting this as a strip.

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In honor of the birth of the great Bela Lugosi.

BIUL_BauhausNote: the girl in the middle in panel 2 is making the “obfuscate” gesture that pretend vampires make when they want me to sucker punch them.


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Nine Inch Nails


Credit where it’s due: I rag on Trent Reznor because I know he’s capable of things like “La Mer”, from The Fragile.

I intended to back this up for you with a video link, but the relevant album version has been scrubbed from YouTube as far as I can tell. Sorry.


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