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Valentine’s Vern II: The Squeakquel

Vern, aka Vernal Squeequinox, is my Winter White dwarf hamster. You might have seen him in other articles here, or in my interminable Facebook posts. Maybe you’re not interested in another page about my emotional support hamster*, but I assure you, Vern only wants to share love. Like me, he takes his small fandom very seriously. (As seriously as a tiny ball of fluff can take anything.)

A snoozing Vern in an Ovo pod.

*If you’d like to lose an awful lot of blood, mention that news item” in front of me. I will happily crush your windpipe and aerate your jugular vein. Happily.


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Let’s Play Nice!

“Battle not with monsters,
Lest ye become a monster.
And if ye gaze into the abyss,
The abyss gazes also into you.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Hi there. My name is Matty Boy Anderson. I’m a cartoonist!


If you’re new to this site, thanks for coming, I’m glad you’re here. If you’re not, consider this a refresher course! This one’s for the noobs!

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Valentine’s Vern

My dwarf hamster Vern (aka Vernal Squeequinox) has a Valentine just for you!

You might notice that Wheeljack makes an unscheduled cameo, and that my camera is busted (hence the cinéma vérité/shaky camera effect). Cheerios are like crack to Vern.

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Matty’s White-Knuckle, Sober Christmas

Like many adult Americans, I prefer to be intoxicated on Christmas day. Some call this addiction. I call it self-medicating for the benefit of others.

Purple = sober and confused.

I’m not a role model, or a regular person. I’m alone on Christmas because I’m belligerent and undiplomatic by nature. I lack the ability to mask contempt or disdain. Just days ago, I told three separate strangers to go kill themselves. I make jokes and draw comics to keep from screaming death threats at people.

Oh, and if at all possible, I try to stay high, all the time. Continue reading

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Great Hamsters I Have Known

Today, a great hamster was laid to rest. His name was Boris. 


We must not be sad, and instead celebrate the all-too-brief life of a beloved creature. Boris was curious, friendly, and adored by all who knew him; even the folks who disliked his kind. By some cosmic coincidence, the grey-and-white patches on his back formed a big “B”. Continue reading

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Drinking With Hamsters

Walfred Cybean was an American cartoonist, whose work was featured in magazines like The New Yooper from 1954 to 1969. At the time, Cybean’s doodler-style cartoons were seen as reductive and unpleasant by some readers [proof needed], for they typically displayed a drunken middle-aged man sharing a squalorous living space with an oversized hamster. So many of Cybean’s cartoons contained this theme, that a book compiling them was printed in 1970. Despite persistent rumors that Cybean died of alcohol poisoning and hamster-related injuries, his death came instead when he fell between the cars of a subway train. Continue reading

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