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In The Beginning

Set the Wayback Machine for 1998. I was at Kinko’s, in the middle of the night, running off copies of Mike The Pod Comix #4 (the blue one).

Those aren’t fonts. I didn’t have a computer. They’re typefaces copied from a book of antique alphabets, then literally cut and pasted. The rest is my own lettering.

The fourth issue was a transitional one. Drop Dead, my “90’s comic book“, concluded in its pages, in lieu of a seventh issue. I reprinted the Liquid Paper Pirates and Squeeky Wheel Gets The Grease strips from FINK, as well as For Whom The Beef Jerks. 

Oh, and for the first time ever, I did full frontal, stark raving nudity. (NSFW!!!)

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Bad Religion


This is probably one of the “first batch”, and it’s the first that got me hate mail. The Subhumans fan from the opening panel is M.I.A.; last I heard he may no longer be extant. Unfortunately I think Endora’s Emporium of Savannah is long gone. In the early ’90s, that was a place where I pawned CDs. It took me a few years to move up to actual pawn shops. I’ve pretty much never been comfortable dealing with other people. I think that really comes across in the sparse, robotic text I typically used in the captions of early BIULs like this one. Continue reading

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