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This is kind of a first for me; I don’t know whether to recommend this movie to you or warn you away from it. At the time of this writing it has held me in emotional torment for three days straight.

It aroused feelings in myself akin to those experienced when seeing Watership Down for the very first time, or Last House on the Left. I state with all sincerity: I don’t know how to react to it.

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You Know What’s Funny?

“Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.”

-Mel Brooks

Renowned and brilliant comedian Hannah Gadsby steps behind the microphone at a popular New York City comedy club. Hannah begins a scathing monologue about how good men don’t exist. The teeming crowd of young people begins to hoot and holler in delight and affirmation. Then; it happens.

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Take This Year And Shove It

Hey- you know what was great about 2018? Remember when I farted that one time?

That was pretty great, right?

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Check and Climate

“Climate change” is real. The idea that you can do anything at all to affect it is not.

I don’t care if that statement makes you mad. I get mad when I see people harping on and on about climate change, formerly known as “global warming”, formerly known as “destruction of the ozone layer”. It’s Don Quixote’s biggest windmill. It’s a fib you’ve been sold your entire life by politicians who want to distract you from matters that you can affect. It’s nonsense for keeping kids busy in kindergarten. You will tap-dance on the surface of Jupiter before you do anything that changes the climate.

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